Hale - BR120 H364 1684

T H E CONTENTS Of the firft Difcourfe. THE ufe of Religion : By what means God made it fo common. p. i. Iow perfec`led by Chrifl. p. z. And why. i. To recover his honour to God. z. To bring man to Happpinefs. 3. For the right Government of man. p. 16. The few plain, eafy parts of Religion. Comfortable Con- fetlaries. P. 4, How Religion is corrupted and changed in the World. 1. By the fubtilties of Scholaflick Learnedmen. p f. i. By their difputes about unneceff'ary and unknowable things : 'In- flances. p. 6. z. And of Lower,yet uncertain points. p. 7. How fafe the Religious are without them. p. 8. 3. Cafuifls corrupting Morals. p. 9. z.By turning Religion intoPolitick Contrivancesfor wealth and power. Inflance in Princes. z. Specially in the Roman Church. 9. 3. In#ante, in Formes of Church Government andC- remonies. 1. Overvalued. z. Over oppofed p. 12..13.14.` 4. Difputes between Calvinifls and Arminians: of old, abut Bailer, &c: p, 1 f. 5. Contention about trivial matters: Divers Inflan- ce,,