Hale - BR120 H364 1684

The Contents. ces, p. 1.6..17. Mens overdoing for theft lamented. p.16.17. How different Religion is from all thefe mens. Addi- tions. P. 19. 7-he Caufes of thefe Errors. t. The weakne_fJes offame ConTientious Perfons, deferving Companion, tendernefs, and Love, rather than feverity or Contempt. p 2.2.. 2. Some to get preferment andfavour withgreat men. 3. Somefor Gain. 4. Mo.fi from overfonelnefs of their own inventions. . An affetlation of Difcrimination and fngularityby outwardBad- ger. p. 24. &c.. The Contents of the Second Difcourfe.. THE principle ofReligion fmall, yet pregnant aldpro- dutfive P. it Religion is belt in its SIMPLICITY and PURITY: But hard to be kept from corruptionby Additions. P. 2. What theft corrupting Additions are. t. Reducing it to gratify fe fe : A common corruption. p. 3.. z. Additions frommens accidental inclinations. Inflances. i. Philofophers mix their. Natural Philofophy with it. z. Beh. men makes it Chimical. 3. Sociniansfiabjefl it to their Rea- fon. 4. Some Phyficians mix corporal Conititution. S. Meta- phifcal men make it unintelligible by Subtilties. p. 4. 6. Poli- ticians, and Statef-men, and Papills Hierarchy make it bat an Engine ofPolicie. p25. 7. Politick Difcontented men ma- nage it to get a Party againfl the State. p. 6. The vio- lent zeal offuck Corrupters, Papifls,ReformedEpifcopal Cl<r- gy, Presbyterians, Independents, Anabaptifls, . &c. p. 7. In- fiances dot`trinal. P. 8 3., Lawful Additions fnfully managed. Regfons to prove them ,convenient. p. 9. Cautions to be ufed in them. a.: they: