Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(6) Chrif}ian Religion into a molt Curious and difficult Specu- lation, and that which was deignedbyChrift Jefusas aplain Direaion to every Capacity, to be a Guide to a Righteous, Holy, and Sober Life here, and to attain EverlattingLife hereafter, they have [made] a meer exercife of Wit, and a Piece ofgreater fubtilty than the abftrufeft Philofophy or Metaphyficks. And this they have done principally thefe ways : r. By Difputes about Queflions, that, as they are not in themfelves Necefary to be known, fo they are in their own Nature Impoftible for Humane Underfiandings to determine : As for inffance ; many, ifnot all, the Points controverted between the Arminians and CalviniJls,as touch- ing the manner of the Decrees of God, what kind of In- fluence he hash upon the Wills ofmen. The manner of the Divine Knowledge of things Future, Contingent, or Pojible. The Refiflability or Irriliflability of Divine Grace. The Na- ture of Eternity, and Infinitude, and Indivifbility. The manner of the Exifenceofthe Three Perfons in theVnity of Effence. The Nature of Angels and Spirits ; the Manner and Degrees, and Method oftheir knowledge of things ; their fe- veral Ranks andOrders ; and infinite more Speculations and Difputes ofthings that do not in their own Nature fall un- der the difcovery of a Humane Underftanding, by the or- dinary Courfe of Ratiocination, and are impoßïble to be known further than they are diftinftly revealed by Al- mighty God, andas it were induftrioufly kept Secret by AlmightyGod,becaufe they are not ofufe to Mankindto be known. It is far more poliible for a Child of three years old to have a true Conception of the molt abfirufe Points in Philofophy, or in the Myftical Reafons of State or Po- litick Government of a Kingdom, than for the Wifeft man that ever was, without Revelation from God, to have any tollerable Conception or Notion of things of this Nature with any tollerable Certaintyor Evidence. z. Again