Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(7) z. Again there are other Points difputed which are of a lower allay, and yet not to be diflinály known without more clear Revelation than we yet have of it, nor yet of any Necejity for us diflintlly to know: As for initance, Concerning the Nature and Manner of lranfmiion of O- riginalSin; flowfar the fins of immediate or remote Parents affe& their Pofierity withGuilt or Punifhment ; The Origina- tion of theHumaneSoul; How far the Efficacy of the Sa- crce of Chrifl was intentionally for all Men ;Concerning, the Means of Communication thereof to Infants, Ideots, and the invinfibleIgnorant ; What is the real Confejuence of Baptifm of Infants, or its Onofton; How far the Will of man is Operative to his Converfion, or Perfeverance ; Wherein theformal Nature of fu_/lification Confins; How far forth Faith Tingly is fudicient for it, without Santliffcation and Habitual Ilolinefs at !aft, and how far forth the Sincere Love ofGod by a perfon invinfibly ignorant of many or moft Points of Chriftian Religion is fulcient thereunto ; Concerning the BJlate of the feparate Soul before the Taft judgment, andhow far it enjoys the Beatiffcal Viíìon be- fore the Refurrec`lion. Difputes touching thefe and the like difficult Q`eflions, have blown upmensFancies with Speculations, inttead, of filling their Hearts with the true and genuine Etl'e&s of Chriflian Religion: It is true, that Phyficians and Naturalifls do and may make Inquiries into the Method and Progrefs ofGeneration; and Digeflion, and Sanguification, and the motions of the Chile, the Blood,the Humours : For, i . They have means of accefs to thedifcovery thereof by DilYe&ion and Obferva- tion. And, z. It isoffonieufe to them in their Science,and the Exercife thereof. Butwhen all is done,a manofa found Conflitution digefls hisMeat, and his Blood Circulates, and his feveral Veffels and Intrails perform their .offices, though he.