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f ( 8 ) he know notdif}in&ly the Methodsof their Motions and Operations. But thefe Speculations above-mentioned, in Points of Divinity, as they are not poffibleto be diftinétly determined with any certainty, fo they are of little ufe to be known. If the heart be feafòned with the true knowledge of the things that are revealed, and with the Life ofthe Christian Religion, and the love or God, it will be cffe lual enough to order his Lire, and bring him to Everlasting Happinefs, though he Le not, like an exquisite Anatomift, acquainted with a diftina Con:prehenfion or Knowledge of the feve- ral difficult Inquiries of this Nature. Believe what is re- quired by the Word of God to be helieved,and do your Du- ty, as by that Word is direaed ; íò that theLife of Religi- on, and the lore of God be once fet on foot in the Soul, and there nouriíhed, and commit your felf to the Faith- fulnefs and Goodnefs of God, and this will he efle&ual to the great End ofReligion, thoughall thefe Difputes be laid alide. 3. Again, A Thirdmifchief of Scholaflicks, is in relati- on to Prac`ficks : r: Some Cafitiflical Divines have fodiflin. guifhed concerning Religious External Duties, that they have left little Pra±ical Religion or Morality in the World, and by their fubtle curious Diftinaions, have made ahñoft every thingLawful, and with the Pharifees, in the time of our Saviour, have made void the Laws of God, ( and of - Man alto) by their Traditions and Diftin&ions : So that Re- ligion towards God, and all Righteoufnefs and Sobriety, is fo thinand narrow, and fubtile, that by their Doctrine ofProbability, and Cafuiflical Di/linllions , all the Bones thereofare loaned. It would be too long to give In- ffances in particular : The late Velitations in Francebetween force of the Popish Priests and Jefuites furnilh the World with inftances enough of this kind. z. The e