Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(9 ) z. The Second Inftance is this, The turning of the greatefl part ofReligion into Politick Contrivances, for attaining or upholding timer, Wealth, or Interefl. Therehave been Inflances many in this kind among Se- cular Princes and States. This was the ait ofJeroloam to fet up Idolatrous Religion in Samaria, for preventing a return of the TenTribes to the Houfe of David. And we may obferve it in molt of the Religion eftablifhed by Heathe- nifh Princes, which was fo ordered to accomodate their In- tereft, though to the extreme corrupting of Natural Re- ligion. But there is not fo eminent an Inflance thereof in the whole World, as that of theEcele(iaflical State ofthe Church of Rome, whohave corrupted, as much as in them lies, the moll pure and innocent Religion that ever the world knew, namely, the Chriftian Religion, by diftorting it to Ends ofWealth andPower, and appendicating to it certain new Dotlrines and Prailices meerly to thofe Ends. And not on- ly fo, but have laid the greateft weight of Religion in the Obfervation ofthere Politick Appendicatims ; fo that a man, that either queflions or not obferves there Politick Addita- ments, runs as fevere a Cenfure and Danger among them, as he that denies the moll unqueftionablePrinciples ofChri- flian Religion. Such are their Doctrines ofthe Popes Supre- macy, the Popes Infallibility ; the nece5ty to Salvation to be of the Romifh Church, the Adoration of Images, Saints de- parted, and Angels; the Veneration of Reliques; the Do- &rine of Purgatory, Indulgences, and the Church Treafug of redundant Merits ;the Doctrine and PracticeofDifpenfations and Indulgences; their Canonizationof Saints ; their Pilgri- mages, numerous Ceremonies, Theatrical Spec`lacles; their Doctrine ofTranfubflantiation, and divers other Superaddi- tions and Appendications to Chriftian Religion,which any perfon, notcaptivatedby them, may with half an eye per- C ceive