Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(io ceive tobe invented and continued meerly for the fupport of the Grandure of an Univerfal Monarch&which they mifcall The Church, and for the amafhng of WAltl) andPow- er for the fupport ofit, as might moft eafily be evinced by the particular Examination of all thole Politick Appen- dixes. And yet let any man obferve it, he fhall find as great a fervour for the upholding of thefe Doarines and Practices, and as great ajealoufe of the lean breach made upon them, as if thewholeConcern of Chriflian Religion, and the Sal- vation of Souls lay in their Belief andObfervance. 3. The third Inftance is in relation to the Forms ofChurch Government andCeremonies. That Ecclefiaflical Government is neceffary for the prefervation of Religion, is evident to any reafonable and confederate man : and that the Epifcopat Government conftituted in England,is a molt excellentForm of Ecclefiafiical Government,and exceeds all other Forms of. Ecclefialical Government, may be eafily evinced ; and that it is the belt adapted to the Civil Government in this King- dom, is vifible to any intelligent perfon : And yet 1 do not think that the Ei,ence of Chrif ian Religion Confifts in this or any other particular Formof Government. It is a great help to the prefervationof it in its Purity and Uni- ty, and may be well called Sepimentum ReligionisChriftiana, as the Yews call their Oral Traditions Sepimentum Legis, theFence of the Law. But a man may be a good and ex- cellent Chriftianunder this or any other Form of Ecclefiafti- cal Government, nay in fuch places where poilìbly there is no fettled Form of Ecclefiaftical Government eftablifh- ed. But if we obferve many perfons in the world, we null find tome fo highly devoted to this or that particular Form of Government, as ifall the weight of ChriftianReligion lay in it :Though the wife, and fober fort of Conförmifts know and