Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(II) and profefs this, yet there be fome rash people that will prefently Un- church all the Reformed Churches beyond theSeas which are not under Epifcopal Government . That ifthey fee a man, otherwife ofOrthodox Principles, of a Pious and Religious life, yet iffcrupling fome Points of EcclefaJli- cal Government, though peaceable, they will efteem him little better than a Heathen or Publican, a Schifmatick, He- reticle, and what not: On the other fide,if they fee a man of great fervour in aíferting the EcclefiaJlical Government, ob- fervant of ExternalCeremonies, though otherwifeofa loof andduffolute life, yet they will be ready to applaud him with theStile of a Son of the Church, and upon that account over-look the Mifcarriages of his life, as if the Effonce and Life of Chriftian Religion lay in the bare afferting of the belt Form of Ecclefiaftical Government. On the other fide, there is as great an Extremity of the other hand : there are many indifcreet perfons, as well Di- vines as others, that having either, by their Education, or by Converjation withDiffenters,or pofiibly to gain a Party, taken upon them thePatronage or Affertingoffome other Form of Church-Government, either Presbyterian or In- dependant, or fome thing fram'd by their own invention, prefently cry down the Eftablifhed Government of the Church, as Antìchriftian or Popifh, and cry up that which they have thus efpoufed as the only true Chriftian Regi- ment inftituted byChrit; and prefently among them, and their Followers, this is made the difcrimir ative Markof a True Chriftian.If they fee a man Conformable to the Ella- blifhed Government, tho' he be pious, fober, and truly Re- ligious, yet they defpife and negle& him, cenfure him as a Formalift, andwithout the Power of Godlinefs : But if a man will but revile theEftablifhed Government, and be boldagainft it,, cryit down, and cry up the New Inftitution into which they are lifted, tho' the man be Covetous, Cz Un-