Hale - BR120 H364 1684

I2 Uncharitable, Hard-hearted, Proud, Impetuous, and pof- fibly otherwife Loofè in his Converfation, yet fuch a man (hall be cherifhed,applauded, and cryed up for a Saint, a Pre- cious Man, and Zealous for the Truth. And although Decent Ceremonies, that are for the Pre- iirvation ofthe Dignity ofReligion, and to keep due Or- der and Regularity, arenot Eflential Parts of Chriflianity, nor were ever fo efteemed by wife and fober men, andyet are ofufe and convenience in theChurch , neverthelefs, we may eafily obferve among men the fame Extremes as are before noted : force placing thewhole weight of Religion in their fritl Obfervance, and making them the principal, it not the only Badge of a Son of the Church,"hateing and defifng thole that fcruple any thing in them, or that do not come up in everypuntlilio to their Obfervance, though they be otherwifefouled in thePrinciples of Faith, pious and firid in their lives, jolt and honefl to all men, and lober, temperate and blamelefs. On the other fide, there be a fort of men that place the greateft flrefs and difcriminating Point of Chriflian Religion in oppofng and decrying all Inflituted Ceremonies, though Innocent, Decent, and without any the leaf} touch ofSuperftition in them, yet thefe muff be decried as Po- pith, Antichriftian, deflrutive of Chriflian Liberty, and the Party that with molt boldnefs and vehemence declaims againft them, is valued by them as a molt precious man, a man of zeal and courage, and needs little elfe to juftifie and magnifie himwith his Party. On the other fide, though a man beofan holy and con- fcientious life, found in Principles, lober, blamelefs, peace- able ; yet if he obferve thefe blamelefs Ceremonies, though with great moderation and Charity to Diffenrers, he lhall be flighted and undervalued, efteemed a Formalift, a Time-ferver, or at belt, a man wanting Courage, Zeal, Lukewarm, 4