Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( 13 ) Lukewarm, Timorous, andwanting the Power ofGodli- nefs.Such wild and wrong Meafures domen of Extremes on all hands take of the trueEffence and Ends of Chrifianity. 4. Again, even among Profeffors of the Proteftant Religion, there are divers difputed and Controverted Points ; as between the Calvini/Is and Arminians, efpe- cially touching the Vniverjality ofthe RedemptionbyChrift, Perfeverance and Falling fromGrace ; and almoft every day there arife certain nec' Opinions, force ofgreater importance, but very commonly offmalland incnofiderable moment;and there are taken up by the feveral Parties poffibly agreeingin the fame Fundamentals of Chriftian Religion. And force times they are entertained by a Party of men, becaufe their Paftors are ofthat Opinion, or feem to be fo ; though often they are taken up,or inftilled intoa Party, to make a difcrirninative Mark betweeen Perlons offe veral Congrega- tions. And then it is wonderful to fee with what fervour eachParty maintains hisTenent, and as great weight is laid upon it, as if the whole 'tree of Chriftian Religion, and the Salvationof theSauls of men lay upon it ; when God knows they are not ofany moment in it. Such was theold Controverfie between the Eaflern and Wettern Churches about Eafier-day, and ancienter than that, in the Apoftles times, about Eating of meats offered to Idols, and among us at this day touching the five Armi- nianQueftions. And yet we fhall fee men as fervent and zealous about them, as cenforious ofDiffenters from them, as fond of thofeof the fame Opinion with them, as if all theArticles of the Chriftian Faith were immediately con- cerned in them ; when all, the while they are not of anymoment to the Salvation of men, nor of any concern- ment to the Chriftian Religion, or the Ends thereof, but are only Artifices impofedupon men to hold up Parties, or to keep up foine Man or Parties Reputation ; imaginations which