Hale - BR120 H364 1684

( :14 ) which men are fondof, becaufe they are their owns at leaft theirs whom they have in great Veneration or Efleem. S. Again, the fond Miftakes ofmen in this kind, are- ob. fervabie in very flight and trivial matters, which yet are entertained with a kind of Religious Veneration, when they ferve to hold up Parties, or as difciminations of their Profeflions. Among the profeffed Monks and Fryars they have certain Habits atiìgned to feveral Orders, and as well anciently as now have feveral kinds of Tontures of their Heads, which they obferve withgreat feverity ; and place much Religion in them. And even among the various Seas, or Perfwafions a- mong thofe that at leaft abhor Popery, yet we (hall find force fuch fond things uponwhich they lay a great weight tf their Religion : fometimes in very Looks and compofing of their Countenance ; fometimes in the manner or Tone of Exprefiìons; fometimes in afeíted Phrafes ; fometimes inGeftures, fometimes inHabits and Dreffes, fometimes in ufe ofMeats andDrinks of one kind or another. I 111a11 give force few Inflances : You (hall have force that place a great point of Religion in forbearing the eating of Flefh upon Frydays, or in the time ofLent, but yet indulge thernfèlves oftentimes in the eating ofthe choiceft Fith, and the moff coftly Diet of other Meats: Others again think they mutt needs go as far on the other Extreme, Chufing thofe Seafons for Feaft- ing upon Flefh, and think it acceptable to God, becaufe it runs counter to theother Externe. Again, a time there was when it was thought that long Hair was unbecoming Profefrors ofChriftianity, and upon that account force did wear their Hair fhort, even to ex- tremity. But about thebeginning of the late Wars, many took up, as they thought, a. moreelevated way of Chrifti- anity, and as a Eadg thereofwore their Hair extreme Long. TheConformifts ufually wear Gowns orCanonical Coats; Many