Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(Is) Many of the Nonconformilts by way of Difcrimination ufe other Habits. The former officiate, as the Canons require them, in Surplices, and fometimes with Hoods, andLome are fo ta- ken with it, that they think the Offices want an Effential Part whenperformed without it ; tome of the latter think the folemnOrdinances are profanedby it, and rendred Su- perftitious. But among all the differingPerfwafons among us, there are none that give a man more ample Evidence ofMiftakes of this Nature, than thofe called Quakers, who place a great part of their Religion in keeping on their Hats, in uing the words Thee and Thou, in filing the Months andDays of the Week not according to the ufual Appellation, but the tuft, or fecond month,orday,in certain Habits and Poftures unlike other men ; in Silent Devotions at their Pubick Meet- tings, in revileing and crying down theEflablifhedMinifry, Churches, Sacraments, Lords-day, andall manner of Forms, whether commanded or tired by others ; in refuting to takeanOathwhen lawfully called thereunto ; and tome fuch other ,fingularities. Take away but thefe,and the likeal- fe&edSuperadditions, the menare as other men, fome in- deedvery fober, honeft, juft and plain-hearted men, and found in molt, if not all the important Do&rines and Pra- &ices of Chriftianity ; others (as it happens in all Profefii- ons) Subtle, Covetous, Uncharitable Tumultuous, Igno- rant, proud Defpifers of others, Slanderers,and yet as long as they conform to their Sed in there impertinent or un- warrantable fingularities, they pleafe themfelves with the Stile of the People ofGod, and are for the molt part eltee- med fuchby thofe ofthat Sea. By this littleSurvey, wemay eafiiy take an Eftiniate of theMiftakes ofMankind,and-even among Chriftians,touch- mg the Miftakes in point of Chriftianity and Chriftian Religion, ,