Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(16) Religion, and how common it is to mifplace the Named ChriftianReligion and the Nature of it, and attribute it to filch things as in truth have nothing to do with it,but many times aredirectly contrary to it. And yet even in thefe Impertinencies many men place the greateft moment of their Religion, and have as great and many times a greater zeal and fervour for them, than for the weighty Points and Duties of Chriftianity, and molt ofthe bufinefs of many men Confifis in Velitations and Defences and Invectives about them; The Pulpits and the Prefs is ingaged about them. Love, and Charity, and even common Humanity, and mutual Converfation betweenMan and Man, Church and Church, Party, and Party, is broken by the Mutual collifions and animofities concerning them. So that (theLord be merciful to us and forgive us) there is -as little love, and as great diftance and animofity between many of the Dif enting Parties a- mong Proteítants, touching thefe Matters, as there is between Papifts and Proteítants, or between Chriftians and Infidels. And by this means the true LifeofChriftian Religion, and that which was the great End of its Infti- tution, and the true genuine and natural Effe& of it upon the heart and foul, and courfe of life, is loft or negle&ed by them that profefs it, or difparaged among thofe that either have not entertained it, or at leaft enter- tained it as they do theCuftoms of the Country wherein they are educated. Thefe men, when they fee fo much Religionplaced by ProfefforsofChriftianity in thefe things, which every intelligent man values but as Forms, or In- ventions, or Modes, or Artifices, andyet as great weight laid upon them, asgreat fervour and animofity ufed for or againft them, as almoft for anyPoints of Chriftian Re- ligion, theyare prefently apt to cenfure and throw off all Religion,and reckon all of the fame make. Bat