Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(=7) But whenall is done, true Chriftian Religion is a thingof another kind ofMake, and is of another kind of Efficacy, and direfted unto, and effe&ive ofa nobler End, than thofe things about which, as above is faid, men fo much contend, andthat makesfo great a buftle and noife in the world. As the Credenda are but few and plain, fo the Facienda, or things tobe done, are fuch as do truly ennoble and advance the Humane Nature, and brings it to its due habitude, both to God and Man. It teacheth and tutors the foul to ahigh reverence and ve- neration ofAlmighty God, a fincere and upright walking as in the prefence of the Invifible, All-lèeing God : It makes a man truly to love, to honour, to obey him, and therefore careful to know what his will is; it renders the heart highly thankful tohim, both as his Creator, Redee- mer, and Benefactor : It makes a man entirely to depend upon, to feek to him for guidance, and direction, and prote&ion ; to fubmit to his Will with all Patience, and Refignation of Soul : It gives the law not only to his Word and Actions, but to his very Thoughts and Purpo- fes, that he dares not entertain a very thought unbecom- ing the fight and prefence of that God to whom all our thoughts are legible : It teacheth and bringeth a man to fuch a deportment both ofexternal and internal fobriety, as may be decent in thepretence of God and all his holy An- gels : It crufheth andCat's down all Pride and Haughtinefs both ina mans heart and carriage, and gives him an hum- ble frame of foul and life, both in the fight of God and men : It regulates and governs the Pafïions of the Mind, and brings them intodue moderation and frame: It gives a man a right eftimate of this prefent world, and fets the heart and hopes above it, fo that he never loves it more than it deferves : It makes the Wealth and Glory of this World, highPlaces, andgreat Preferments, but ofa low and D little