Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(32 ) Bubblesout of aWall-nut fhell, every one runs after his bub- ble, and calls it Religion ; and every one meafures the Re- ligion or irreligionof another, by their agreeing or ditl'en- ting with them in thefe or the like matters; and at belt, while we fcramble and wrangle about thepieces O the Shell, the Kernel is either loft, or gotten by force that doth not prize any of their Contefts. Believe ir, Religion isquite another thing from all thefe LT, Matters : He that fears the Lord of Heaven and Earth, walks humbly before him, thankfully lays hold oftheMef- rage of Redemption by Chrift Jefus, ftrives to exprefs his thankfulnefs by the Sincerity of his Obedience, is forry with all his foul when he comes ihort of his Duty, walks watchfully in the denial ofhimfelf, and holds no confedera- cywith any Luft or known Sin, if he falls in the leaff mea- fure is reftlefs till he hath made his Peace b *' true Repen- tance, is true in his Promife, 'jutt in his AC`tions ; Charitable to thePoor, fincere in his Devotions, that will not deli- berately difhonou r God, though with the greateft fecurity ofimpunity ; that hath his hope in Heaven, and his Con- verfation in Heaven, that dare not do an Unjuft Ad though never fo much tohis advantage, and all this becaufe he fees him that is invifible, and fears him becaufe he loves him, fears him as well for his Goodnefs as his Greatnefs ; fuch a man, whether he be an Eprfcopal, or a Presbyterian, or an Independant, or an Anabaptifl ; whether he wears a Sur- plice, or wears none, whether he hears Organs, or hears none, whether he Kneels at the Communion, or for Con science fakeftanis or fits ; he hath the Life of Religion in him, and that life a&s in him, and will conform his foul to the Image of his Saviour, and walk along with him to Eterni- . --ty, notwithftanding his Pratiife or Nonpraltife of thefe In- lift-events. On the other fide, if a man fears not the Eternal God, dares