Hale - BR120 H364 1684

And although thefe are not truly and eíi'entially parts of the Chriftian Religion, yet as the humours in the body are force good, force noxious, Tome innocent, though they are no part of the truevital blood, yet they mingle with it, and run along in it ; fo thefe Superftru&ions, and Occafions, and Additions have in various Ages, Succeffions, and Places mingled with the true radical vital Doctrine and Religion of l: hrift, in mens Opinions, and Practices, and Pro- feilions. And yet it is vifible to any man that will but attentively obferve the Courfes of men profefiing Chriftian Religion, that the greateft fervour and animofity of the Profeflórs of Chriftian Religion is not fo much with refpect to the fub- uiantials ofChriftian Religion, either in things to be belie- vector practifed, as touching thefe Additions and Superfiruc?i- ons ; force as fervently contending for them, as if the life of hriftianity confifted in them,fome as bitterly and feverely contefting againft them, as if the life and foul of Chriftian Religion were not poflìbly confifting with them. And by thefe means there unhappy Confequences follow. r. That whereas the mainofChriftian Religion confifts in the true belief of the Gofpel of Chrift Jefus, and the Practiceof thofe Chriftian Virtues that he left unto his Dif- ciples and Followers, both by his Example and Precept, namely love of God, Holinefs and Purityof life, Humility and Lowlinefs of mind, Patience, Meeknefs, Gentlenefs, Charity, a low and eafy Value of the World, Contentation ofMind, fubmißïon to theWill of God, Dependance upon him, Refignation unto him, andother excellent Evangelical Virtues, that perfe& and re&tifie the Soul, and fit it for an humble Communion withAlmighty God in this life, and a bleffed fruition of his Prefence in the life to come; the Chri- than Religion is not fo much placed in thefe, as in an entire Conformity toModes and Circumfiances, or an extreamAver fion.;3