Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(.58) prefent Canons were made. Since, T. His Letters theme him to have been a man extraordinarily humbling him- fell; both to the Queen and to theBithops. 2. And the molt approved Hiftorians tell us, to our great grief, that fuch things have been nowonders and rarities, thefe thirteen hundred years. It is holy and credible men that tell us, how St. Martin, notwithflanding all his Miraclesand holinefs, was ufed by the synods of Bilhops in his time, for being fo ftria or life, and fo much a- gainft the ufing of the Sword againft the Prfcilian Gno- llick. Hereticks. And it is as holy and credible men that tell us how St. Theophilus Alexander, a Patriarch, envyed and ufed his Superior Patriarch, holy Chryfllome, and even long flu- died his ruine : And how another called St. Epiphanies,, feditioufly came out of Cyprus, and affronted him at Con. flantinçple, in his own Church, requiring him irregu- larly before all the People, to Curfe Origen or his Wri- tings; as if the Bifhop of the I,Ze of Man fhould come and magifterially impofe this on the Bilhop of London or Canterbury, in the Congregation where he preach'd. They tell us how readily the Synods of Bi,'hops Con- demned Chryfollome, becaufe the Emperour and Emprefs were againft him: And if fo excellent and holy a man, whole language and life excelled them all, could not efcape condemnation twice over, and that in the Age of the Church which is predicated for the very bell and happieft that ever was ftnce the days of Chrifl; If the Primacy among all the four Eaftern Patriarchs, and his own rare Parts, and holinefs and innocency, could not fe cure him from ejection and banifhment from a famous Chriftian Emperour, and the Convocations, of Bithops that envyed his holinefs and parts ;. If when he wo bAnifhed, his liable conkant flock, that would. not, re- nounce