Hale - BR120 H364 1684

() pounce him, were made Conventiclers, end names 7eannits, as a note of Schismatical Sepa:ratifts, while thofe that turned to the next pofíefrour were called the Church. If another Saint of greateft Learning, Name P, Power. refilled the very reltoring ofhis name when he was dead, faying the Canons were not to be broken to fatisfie the Schismatical 7oannits, whom nothing will fatisfie, and that it would difcourage the Conformifts ; ¡+ I meanSt. Cyril of Alexandria ; why fhouid it be thought that men far inferiour to Chryfoftorrce, that live not in to pure an Age, fhould by the Clergie ftream and power, be much like efleemed, and partly ufed. And if in thofe Ages of the Churches greatefl excel- lency ( the 4.th. and 5th. Centuries) the great Patriarchs themfelves of Alexandria, Antioch, Con/tantinople, &c. who are fuppofed by fome to be the Pillars of the Church for Government and Unity, did live almoft in continual Conilid, Curling, or calling out each other as Here- ticks, or Schifmatìcks, and oft fighting it out in Chriftian blood, (to fay nothing of the following worfer Ages) what wonder, if dill the old Laufes fucceeding produce many of the old Effects: Which a man thatwas thought wife enough to be the Lord Chancellour of England, and the famous retlorer of Learning, might be allowed gently to touch, while the Clergy themfelves open- ly and greatly prefer thofe Ages, and the Theopbilus's, Epiphanius's, and Cyril;, and Epifcopal Synods thereof, be- fore our own, and before themfelves. Let us hear what one more excellent perfora, and : no Fanatick oi"Schifrnatick faith. Dr. Ifaack Thrrow (a man, if ever this Age had any, that delivered digeftedTRt'TH in clear Exprelliokis) vol. 2.p. 34. Whoever indeed .will; confider the Nature. o£` ,MP, 1 z or