Hale - BR120 H364 1684

(6o) or will t'onfult obvious experience, fhall find that in pra&ical matters, our will or appetite hath a mighty in- " fluence on our judgment of things, caufing men with " great attention to regard that which they aflè&, and " carefully to mark all rzafe`ns; making for it; but "verting from that which they diflike, and making them " to overlook the arguments which perfwade it : whence " men generallydo fuit their opinions to their inclina- " tions; warping to that fide where their INTEREST " doth lye; or to which their Complexioí,s, their Humor, " their Pallions, their Pleafure, their eafe doth fway them; " So that almofl any Notion will feem true, which is Profitable, which is Safe, which is Pleafant, or any way " grateful to them; and that Notion falfe,which in any fuch " refre& doth crois them. Very few can abflra& their "minds from fuch confederations, or embrace Pure Truth " divefted ofthem. And thofe few who do fo, mull therein moil employ their Will, by ftrong effects of Voluntary " refolution, and patience, and difengaging their minds from thofe clogs and byafies. " This is particularly notorious in mens adher ng to Parties, divided in opinion, which is fo regu'ated by " that fort ofcaufes, that if you do mark what any mans "Temper is, and where his INTEREST lyeth, youmay. " eafily prognoflicate on what fide he will be ; and with what degree ofSerioufnefs, of Vigour, of Zeal, he will " cleave thereto, A timerous mari you may be almolt "fure will be on the fafer fide: A Covetous man will bend "to that Party where Gain is to be had. An Ambitious " man will clofe with the opinion palling in Court. A " carekfs man will comply with thefa/hian: Affe&ion ari- " ling from Education or Prejudice will hold others ftif . " Few follòw the refultsof Impartial Contemplation. And pag. 483. " There is one Lawgiver who can fave and