Hale - BR120 H364 1684

t EI) " and deftroy : Who art thou that JutIgeft another? That is, " How intollerably Rath, Unjust and arrogant art thou, " who fetteft thy tèlf on Gods Tribunal, and thence doft ad- " venture to pronounce Doom upon his People? Did we " well confider Gods Judgment, we fhould rather think it "advifeable to be mindful of our own Cafe, than to pats " Sentence on that cf others: Obferving how lyable our " felves are, we should fcarce have a Heart to Carp at o- " thers; finding what great need our a&ions will then have " of a Favourable Interpretation, we should fure be more " candid and mild in Cenfuring other mens A&ions:Special- ly confidering, that by harsh Judgment ofothers, we " makeour ownCafe worfe, and inflame our reckoning: " We dire&ly thence incur Guilt, we aggravate our own "Offences,and render our felves unexcufable;we expofe our " felves on that fcore to Condemnation. See Mat. 7. z.Luk. 6. 37. Rom. 2.. 2 3. Yam. 59. His two Sermons on R0.11. 18. well pra&ifed, would.. heal England's Divifions. Suchalfo is his Sermon of Love to our Neighbour, that agáinít Sland::r, and that againft Detra&ion : tiut that which I cite him for, is the very fame defcription of Reli- gion which Juige Halegiveth. Serra. i. p. ro. " The Principal advantage of Wifdom, is its acquain- " ting us with the Nature and Reafon of true Religion, and affording Convi&ive Arguments to perfwade the " Pra&ice ofit : Which is accompanied with the pureft de- "light,andattended with the molt folid content imagina- " nable:I fay,theNature ofReligion,wherein it Confifts,and " what it requires : The miftake ofwhich produceth daily " fomany mifchiefs and inconveniences in the World, and "expofeth fo good a Name to fo much Reproach. It thew- eth it confiftethnot in fair profetlions andglorious pre- tences,,