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Theabridgement ofthe90 el. tat gees which in thetimeofthe Law wereofferedto God. Taal bids ionegivingof tbankeawithourrsquealwhichmefhewvntoGodk .fothatthisdutyis'likethefalt kPffL4, withwhich all our feruices mufl bee feafoned. Hence are the commendations giuenofit, Irbecommethvprigbtmen tobethankef&l' Itisagood thing topagethe IP0.33..7, Lord.. It it apleafant thing,and praife ie comely., Hence wasDauidi careto giue nPfal.a7. r. euidenceoffpeciallthank efulncffe vponfpeeialloccafions: from whencecame . that phrafe ofhis, Anewfang o, fignifying his courfeof particular infiftingvpon oPtal.4o.s. particular fauours. The default heerein remaiceth as a great stain in the good nameof Hezekiah, Hedidno render according to the rewardbellowed vaon himP. p a.Che. iz. This fhould prouokevs to make confcienceof this duty , euery manfaying 7hevfe. to his foule with Dauid, Myfadepraife thou theLord ,& all thatiswithinmepraije t. hie boy name q. Thankfgiuingwas ordained as an exercife for man in paradife, 1'61'1°3' and thall be an exercifeinbeaten , when as all other exercifes are determined. In heaven the wordand Sacraments hall ceafe, but the blemg of God (hallneuer scare,feeing it is thepeculiarexercife ofthe Angelsand Saintsof the Lord : The more wepra&ife this duty now, the morewee haue ourconuerfationinbeauenr: rPlül,3,:o. If it bea feruice tedious vntenrs, it felfewill be a burden. When this du. ty is named wich theparticulars of ir, manywill be ready tofleppe forth and fay tLukaS.u, with him in theGofpel, All theft hone 1 keptfrommyyouth : wethanke God (fay we)forall :. but when ircommeth rotrial] , the cafe will be likethat ofthe tenne Lepers,Tone were deanfed,bot one anty returned toglueredpraife .Many enioy. t Luk. t7.17. ers ofGodsblefsings,few whichreturn backe to thew theirthankfulneffe. And ia' thisappearethby three things: Firft,by our generalicarelefnelfe in the duties of Chrillianholineffe, True ehankefulnellehands notsa wordsand Ihewen, bat in the pra&ifeofobedience.The formein the Gofpel who fail,!geefr,yetWent notu, nNagar.;a. was hedutiful] 1 fo he who faith, 7thanke God, and, ßlefdbe God, &c. andyet careth nottodifbonour God, ishe thankefull ? Offeringprasfe, anddiffoflagone: Way aright, arecoupled togetherascompanions x:.where the latter iswanting, x 0. z;; theh it isbut aceremony. Hethat hauing receiuedakindneffe fromme, (hall come and fay,he thankesme, andwhen`he bath turnedhisbacke, hall meea difpleafure I I will neuer thinke himto be thankefull. Hethat commeth to.God, like the Pharifee,with Lord1 rhanke thee Y in his mouth, andyet makethno con- Y Lukat ta. f fcience of frnne, is but adiffembler. Hee bath Mott trice , but Efaue{undo.. aGenl7.ta. Hiswords are the words ofblefsing, but his deedes are full ofcurfedneffe. Sith then men generally lice in grolfehnnes tothe difhonourof God , and to the&C. credit ofreligion,let their words be as they will, yet theyhall be cast off as men guilty ofvnthankefulneffe. The fecond ligne ofour vnthankefulneffe is, our pafsingover daily favours refpeet :. health,liberty,refs, food,fucceffe in our affaires,thefe thingsáre dailybellowed', yet we rfe them as(wine, whoBate the malte,butneuer looke vp tothe tree fromwhence it falleth : wee goe toour meate,to ourreft , toour labourwithout any Ggnihcátionof ouracknowledge- ment fromwhom thefe thingscome; or ofour opinion, that nothing can doevs good without Godsblefsing. The third ligne is, thecurfednelleof many of our language. S. Zama' makesitamatter ofimpofsibility,tbatGod fhouldbeblelfed by a curfed tongue, Dotit afountaine Mow placefendforth (weer heaterand bitter.? a 1am.3.11. Swearers, railers,flanderers, viciousspeakers ; asbolineffe cannot dwell in their hearts, fo neither cantheir tonguesbe meffengersofany true thankfulneffevnto God. Toconclude this point then , ifwe will be thoughttruly roworshipGod, let vsmakeconfcience ofthe dutyof thankefvineffe : if we will be thought truly thankefull, let vsdeclare our thankefulnede byobedience, let vs take all occafs- cep tobieffeGodforblefsing vs , and letvs beware how wedefileour tongues withcurfedneffe. Thus muchofthe dutytobeperformed. Now followeth thedefcriptionofthe party towhom it muffbeperformedtrie LordGodof7fraeLHe isLord ofthewholeeatth,according to that in thePfalme: Tim