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zóz Thevf6ridgel'nentoftheCcJJiel, bP[al,z4.r. The earth ie.the Lordsand allthat therein is b. How then is he the God of IUael ? By IJrael is meant theChurch and chufen peopleof God: and therefore the ele& c Gal.6. r6, arecalled the Ifrael of God', and the true feruants of God , Israelites indeede a. e lob.,, 47.- The state and Church of Iliadwas a type ofthe Church of God, feleEted &cul- e '" a. 04. leSout from the fell of theworld,to be apeculiar people vnto himfelfe °: fo then,tbe The 5. dof. Godoflfrael is the Godofhis Church:this halais efpcciall dignity;aswhenagreat mancarries the nameof Baronry. Hence we are taught two things, theone is this, the adslate andimpregnable fafetyof Gods Church: the Lord is theGod there_ of.God would haueeues the very fituation of lerufalem to be a figne of his pro- fPG4ra.:. teftion: As the moantainesareabout lerufalem,fo is the Lordabout his people f:God l'to14',S is in the midde ff of it, thereforefha&it nos be mooned s : He Will cosier thee (faith the Pîalrnill to the wholebody ofGods people) vnder his wings , thou fhalt bee fide vnder his feathers l',&c. Behold,he that 4tepethIfra, lfha/l nestherflamber norfleepej. oPtai. oat. 4. TiteChu'chof God osthadowed ou by Solomon, bed: Threefeore flrongnoenare roundabout it ofthe valiant men of 1frail, thyall handle thesward , and areexpert in k Can. ;,r,ß. *env, err ry one bathhis [word upon his thigh for theJeare by night l'. Defcruedly therefore laidDauid, Blefd are thepeople whole Goths the Lora'. The v/e, Thisloth teach vs a goodkilo:. All kingdomes haue their periods, all flares ' atefitbieóttoinnouation,ouely tilt Churchof God isofperpetuitiet I ovagiub se If .46 [; fs/uation in Zion faithGod", , there than bee placeofrefuge, and toner for the n[ä4.6, florme andfor the reine ". Natural! men can lee the vncertamtieof all outward things, and the v_nitieof thegreateft alfurances, yet they take not the right o Labo a'lark for lafegard:tome vfe thepolicyof the vniufSteward°: fume verifie the Sir, loving ofSalomon, The rich mansriches arehis /Ironscity,andasan high wall in his pProaoi.,r. imaginationP:fo.ne put all dcfperately to an aduenture. The onlyway is,to cleave Soc 4 s tothe ChurchofGod, therethe LordWe! create a defences They which labour rgph,4,; tokeep the fellowfhipof Gods peopleby the vnityof thefßirit Mad bondofpeace; the Lordis their God,they Ural[ beEure ofthe funs[ protedtion. The6.da/t. The other thing taught hence is, That tobermeofGodspeople, a truefinely moon. ber of hi, Church,is ammo greateff honour. It is(we fee)Gods greaten honour,and hishighelltitle,tobe called the Godoflfreel ,theGod ofbis Church: Flee is (faith f[,Titn.4.ty. `Paul) the Saviour of all men, festally ofsheen that beleeue f. In the Church God is known, therehee isworfhipped, there he befloweth thegreateft prerogatives, and thencebee receiueth the greatefi honour. It isthe chitfe honour tobee the Godof his Church; fo it isour chiefcft digoitie to betrue limbesof that focietie. Hencewas Daniels defire,tohaue the Lord to left vp the light ofhis countenance vp- t MI 4.6. on him °,and to be,though but a Doore-keeper in Gods houle °. Ontof the Church n Pfel.se_ ro. is no fatuation; and,Whatfall it profit a man to Winne the world,sf heflouldlofe his M.u,16. :6. foulez? Theefe, M anyare wontto fay ,Wbawillfhewvsanygood t? Tothofewhich fodemand, Y PGk46. I anfwer,Behold here the chiefefi good : thé bell and moll absolute preferment, zMa[h,6.33. Seeke the bingdomeofgod labour to be oneofGodspeople, thon sanft not haue a greater dignity. The