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'a. i , q0 ` ,ba%dzab The fecond Sermon. Becaufe bee bath w /led and redeemedhis people. 6°E haueheardof the Propofition, (that the Lord Godof Ifrael isto bepraifed.) Nowfolloweththe proofs thereof' Fir bebath Bipedandredeemed bispeople, &c.The filmof the proofe is ; that God is therefore tobe praifed, bc- cauCeofthatgreat workewhichhe bath wroughtfor the good and Gluation of his Church. Here we haue two things tofpeakeof: left, theparties to whom thebene- fit of this great worke appertaineth , and for whofefake it is wrought ; fecondly, theworke it felfe. Touching the firfi, they are Godspeople, that is, thofewhich belong ento the ele&ionofgrace, and which are in Godseternal! counfellordained varo life. Hence we aretaught, That theblefngs which doedirellyand immediatelyconcerne The u, di. lifeeternal!, amly chafe are intereffed in them,whiebare Godspeople. This is plaine in erice. thisplace : For iftlsequefiion be,whom theLord did vfte and redeems? It is as. fweredby theSpirit ofGod in Zachary, that bee 'rifted andredeemed bis people: fofpeakeththe Scripture. Ir wasthe layingoftile Angell , Hefba$falsehispeople from theirlinnet. : there thebenefice of falnarion is refirained onely to Gods peo- aMath.,. z is ple.Soagaine,lbringjotttydingtofgreatio, Whichfballbeesalthe people,The birth ofChrift is amelfage of ioy , but towhom ? not toall : (for all doe not reioyce therein) but early to the chofenofGod : Thepeople : The, isa wordoffpeciall difiin&ion b. Peaceficall be vpon them,andvpon the IfraelofGods. Whobe the II- btuke S. ,n. rael ofGod,but only thofe which arehere termed hiepeople? Anke then towhom C Gal.6,I6. belongs Peace andmercy?what,to all without diflin&ion ? No: buttothe ¡frail ofGod : Confider the courfeoftheApoílleswords. Titus 2.14. Forwhom did Chrifl,ü,e himftlfe?whom bathhe redeemed frominignitie?whom bathheparged? Onely thole whom bath hechofen out cobeapeculiarpeop letabimfele. Chrift fpeakingofhis death, tyeth it tohis fheepe: I lay denimmy lifefor my fheeped: but B lob, is . íp, whobe hisfheepe? Euen thole which are giuentohim of hisFather'. Itis afpeci. eVeril a9. ill fpeech of ilmitation which Chrift vfed in hisprayer: prayfor tbew,1praynot for elmworld'r, Many filch places might begathered together. Weheard how (101.7.9. (sod is theGod ofIfrael;the Godofhis Church : he infotheGodofhis Church as thatnone ellecan haue any intereft in his loue. We beanmuch offaluation, oflifeeternall, or thegloryro be resealedhere- after :there things aregreat, and onlythey are happywhich Mall enjoy them. . All men almofi promife there things vnto themfelues: there isnot amongif vs the veriefhdrunkard, or fwearer, or viciousperfon, or vlurcr,ordelpifer ofgoad things, butifyou talke with him, he willmake Chew ofahope andexpeeation to be Caned of all other things, hemakethhimfe lfebeleeuethat herisfurefiof that. But let vslearn this one thing, and meditatewell ofit,That eternallmer- cy, the benefits ofredemptionofChrifi, thedeliuerancefrom the bondageof fpirituall enemies, there things belong not to all t Many , cuesof thofewhich profcfi Chrift, asad which fayLord, Lord s, yeaandwhicb.preachChria, Ihabe il gMu7.zt: 103