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ío8 .y l i ll, a ti ' : '¿ da6' The thirdSermon, Verte 69. And bathraifedvp theborne offaleatianvnte vt its thebenfe ofbisfinal Dauid. He next thing whichcomes tote handled,is the meaner bywhichthisgreat workeofredemption is eft tied ;and tebege that isfet down inthis verfe.Wherewe havetworhineS to be hand z r to confider : firft a matter done [He .hath railedvp the led 1n this horneoffaluation vnro vs :] fccondly,rheplace where it is Sermon. rqa wig done,[In the hoof ofhisferteantDauid.] Inthe formerpoint,twothings mutt be engntred:fitfl who is meant by thishome of f alnation.Secondly, why thé partymeant by this title isfo ftiled.He that isheremeant by the Horneof fahea- teen, is Iefete ChrifI: For sender heaven their isgiienneother nainewherebyWe wít(I be hattedc, and,tohimgioe all the 'Prophetswitne foed.If hethenbe the party whom cAet4.12. all theProphets..pointed at, as the alone refröret Ofmankiitde,if there be no o. d Aft, 1o.43. tiler means of faluaciot?; whowould bement by theHorneoffalrealkie, but one ly he? Now forthe next, why he Ihould be foentitled, it will eafily appeare, we confider the small forme of (peaking in the Scripture. The Spirit ofGod is é,pfeLys.to. worst by thisword[Horne]ronote outTower and Strength: asintholewords,..9R the hornet of the Wickedwill sbreake°,that is,lWill take doWneand abatethe height andffrengtbof the wiekde and Jeremy fpeakingof the ruineofthe Kingdomeof fIeglt.ap. Moab,faith thus, Theborne of Mod, cue,ffE. The power and greatneffe of Rates and kingdomes and common -wealths isoften defrgnedin Scripture by that word, as inDanieland elk-where. It is a fpeechborrowedfrom horned beafts, whofeftrength lieth in that parr, and which vfe itboth for defence iftheybeal faulted,and for offence if they haue an intent to vanquish. So that by anHerneof falstation is rightly vnderftood(as it is isdfually tranflated)a Nightiefaloation,or, aSariaurofadmirable and exceedingpower. Hereupon then we haue occafron to difcourfeof the power and ftrengthofour Sauionr, and that twowaies : fiat, as itesooseerneth the faluationof hisEle&: fecondly, as itrefpe&eth the conflation oFthèwicked. Touching the firlI,this is the do&rine : That relies Cbrifl is decryWay fiertnfhed the t. do- With ftifficiencieofpoirer,for theaccomplifloment ofthe worke ofRedemption Whichhe (Irene: vndertooke. This is eafily prooued. ItpleatedtheFather, that inhim allfulnesjhooeld g Cal t,tq. dwele. Ifall Fubteffe, furelythe Falnei ofpotter : and theword [dwell] is very effe&uall, Iignifyingthe perpetuitie of his power : itis not for a turn or twó s but eternally remaining in him , for the heginning,cgntinuing, and perfe&ing ofthe faluacion ofhis chofen. Againe, it is raid ofhim, that Godthe Farber barb h Ioh . foaled him!`. Godhath (as itwere)fet a markevponhim, and noted himour, as ma5.5r theonely Saviour. He bathliftedhim vp. Nine it werea difparagement tothe wifedome ofGod, tocallthe whole world to a dependance vpon him for their faluacion, ifhe werenot in fulland ablolnre manner able to effe& ir. Thirdly, if weconfiderthe natureof that which he was to doe for mans redeeming, we ¡hall fee hispower toeffe& it. Hehad two thingsto doe, if he would procure ourfal- nation.Firfl he wasto face from deflru&ion (whichwasdue'for the multitudeof our