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The a brJdgemehtofthe f el. too bar (canes.) Next he was ifueltintoeternal!happineffe, intowhich (becaufe of our fpirituall nakedneffe) the ipficeOf could giflevs noadmifsion. To doe the former ofthefe,hetookevponhi:n Our finnes,he barerhem£nhitbedjk kr?ct.s hewas madelime 1, and, two hand -writing rebicbwas againfi vs, beeCooke out oftbe 1 s.Cor. ç.: x Way and epos his crate triumphed" euer all our fpirituall enemies. To ac- mCnl.z.r4. eoatplifh the latter, bee put eponvshis owne righteoufncile, that weefobeing nett(.'. dished which that tbhitera yfnena',and with thegarmenroff aluationPAS lamb with óReq.3a8. the apparrellofhis brother Efts a,might bbtaine theblefsing. Thus is thatful- p lCa.et.w. filled which was laid e Godgamebit onelybegottenSoïne thatWhofoensrbekeuethin ri Gale. 7.açl him,fheuld natperifb, bat haue lifeeuerlaflingr. Should notperifh, that bee didby z266. being our Redemption,: Bar bate hfeeaerlafling, that he broughtto Pakby be- t Có;ei tommingonerighteeftfnrffe. Many things mighteafrlybeproduced for thispur- pole, but thefe mayfuffice. Onely thisone thing is Lobenoted, that thefaluati- on wrought byChrift , as it may bee calledmighty, becaufe oftheprelim fulneffe; fo cloth itdeferue the fame name, becanfe, beeing done, nothing is able to vndoe it. Othniel delivered the Iîraelites from Cbufban, and is therefore called the Sa. situe', yet they fell after ? intothehandof Moab". Elhd refcuedthem from the t fud.y.g. Moabites', yet became they feruants to the Canaanite' u. Anda Phyficianis u Verfaz. fometimesamanes ofhealth, inonedifeafe, yet the fame partymay after ficken, ?frerkas.iut. yea anddie for all that.Butin thisworkeofredemptionitisotherwi(e,itisatho- ud,4a. row perce ofworke. Hethat beleeneth i c. flailnottome intocondemsation,bat bath papafromdearhtolife'. lgiuemydheepeeternal? life,theyfballneo r'fërifh'&c.Thus zfob.Gi4.: we fee how Chrift isaHorne Ofaluation: Thefaluation procured by himis plenti- ' Iohw.a8; full, (every way anfwerable to ourfpirituall aeede) andperpetúall, no finne of man,nómaliceofhell is ableto vndoe it. The firlt vfehereofis,to let vs fee the wrongPupilhh religiondoth tothe whole Teje i .wfè inyfterie ofChrift. He is called (as we haue heard)4 Hohie ofa1oation,becaufe of hisabfolute fitfficiencie to efftet that worke offaluationwhich hoehatli vnderta_ ken. Papifis, as though Chrift Werenot füfficient,or hisborne (}Tongenough to batter downe thekingdorsae ofthe deuill,and fullyandwholly to reconcile vaco God,adioyne other things,as itwere tofupply that whichis wanting inhim,or to Perfir that which he bathbegun : asfor example,with hisoffers ofgracesour free wili;withthe righteonfnes,ourgoodswotken;withhis fatisfa&ion foreternal!pu.. nilhment, our fatisfaâion for temporalipunißimene, eitherhere in earth, orin Purgarorie 3 withhis inrercefsion,the intercefsion ofSaints. Tbustheyhave mai. med the workeofChrift, andby their groffesad unfitting patcherieshaue vtter- ly defaced it. Weemuff beleeue theScripture, whichcalleth Chriftan Horneof faluation, that is, (as it feemestobe expounded by the Apouile)one. Who barb fly bioifelfe purgedosepities' that which he bath doneisa worke compleate anden- bHeb, tire; bee hinfelfeonely, without artyafsiftance, bathanddthefI& it. Many things are left erto inky wayofobedience, butnothingby wayofpromoting that which he hash begunne. Thus this Phrafe Ea hornooffaluation]isatan Horne ofyron, tobreakedowne all tholeeswarraettable fupplies; which the Churchof Romeconioynes &couples with the abfólute andall-fufficient worke ofChrift. Stcondly, this is a*trine' fallof comfort toeuery humbled Chriftián e asfor example;thou'ken weakneffeiuthy (elk, ofenderltanding,ofwill, ofaffeEi;i on,' ofa&ion, thouart enable todocany thing by whichGodmightbee pleafed or thineownefaule helped forward ento life:Turnenow the eyesofthy faithto this Horneef¡aluatíon: thou [halt not tirade fo muchweákneffe in thyfelfe,as thou (hale finde might and power in him ;; not fomuch emprises inthyfelfe, asfulnes ishim ; not fo muchpouerty inthy felfe, asplenty in him ;and happy thou Wale apprehenfion of thine owne weaknelle,maketheeto long tobeeftablilhedand upheld by his power. Offenders were wooneofoldtto flitfor lutteur and fafe- gatd tothe Hornetoftheil1iar'tfowhenthou feeleft thy felfepurfuedby Sachan K 3 and'