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HHÖ The effhridgement ofthe.(jaJel. and cue,;tobearreftedby thewrathof Ged, flee tothis Horneoffahtatren labour To hold Lift vpon ir by fith lay, asIcb id to the An.el; Iwillnor let theegóe, except then&gf¡eme a. This is the fureftecuert: thouftalt belure under hiefeathers PG191 her truth fhaftbe thy field andbeck/ere. Thus much touching thepower ofChrift fot the faluatienofhis chefn. Thenext is,rhat he is óía&flute potter f r the file andfindeuertlsrofr and confifion Dollrt e z. of his enemies.. For Chrift is armed either way ; Ile is a Horne both todefer(' and FrPé:z.4s, ;to itrike: He is apreciousgone, and ishe afloneofoffencef,and cuen inthat,that hee is en ouerthrowto the wicked, hee is afaluation tohis chef-en : according to that faying of Pouts, that pert cntion wasto the aduerfariesatoltenofprrditien,and to rites which weretroubled, arollnof /ahrátirms: and fo thefame Apoftle faith , PI"I r z9. that by theta ofthe lacer,foliationcommeeh to the Genglesh. And of this power I' wemu(tcoófidernecefiarily: nowwhatandhowgreatitis,niaybegatheredcur of the fecond Piálmc. In the beginning ofthe Plalme , mention is madeof the oppail ion of the world, and menofall forts, againft the fpirituall kingdomeof Chrift lcfes t The Kings of the earth bandthem/elaerì. Ere. A fterwaras k is fit '" ßa1 -- dowse both the calinellé and the irrcceuerablcnetfeof there dcllmftion. Hee k er[é9. is conpared vnto Pone mighty man, halting inhis handanyronleapter, or mace of braffc; his enemies arelikened toanearthen pot. Now costaronfntc teaching vs how calte thebreaking ofa Pottersvcflhil in witha rod of yros a A knec ".ke with an infirumenroftnuchmore weakerflcwere fufficienttobreakeit, but beeing ofpidn, the very weightofit alone , mnít heedscrufltit into many pieces. As the comparifon fheweth theeaGse lleofthe wickedsoucrthrow, fo it makethr knowne the irrecouerableneffetoo. And therefore the breakingofa Porters veffell is ulna!l in the Scripture, to lignifie an viler and irrecouerab'e dc. (tru&ion i I remember what is laid ofAntichri(t , one of'aria ftrongeft ad_ I tf;;o. ra, tterfaries, that yet Chrift Iha11 eafily deftroy him, eues with the breathof his Cr. I 19.s0.1t. mouth.. His enemees Aulthell thedeft", Hepall ltoundeuen Kings inthe dayeflie mz.Thef:z io ltrath,and(mite the headoilerdiu'rs countries ..This was the f ent cut without hands, n l'GI ya.p. feene by Nebuchadnezzar in hisdreame ; whichform else image vpan his feeee, and o Pfat,, tn.q.b brake them topieces P. pt?,n.:.34. This is a canny toall the wicked enemiesofthe graceand kingdome ofChrift, Thevfe. Iefits, they may heere fee the certainty of their abfolute onerthrow. Aheadof glafle,agaioft a headof braffe, what will become ofit ? The tbif le that it ire Leba- non,fent to the Ceder that is in LebanonAid lehojn king of Ifrael toAmaziah e.Far q zKiog.r49 greater is thedifferencebetwixt this Horne ofthe hourofDauid,&rhofeprefu- uting weaklings,which arenot afraidto withltand him. Toall filch I fay withthe Apeitle, Doyeprotmbe the Lord toanger ?are yefirsnger then her ?But thouwilt fay rr,Coa.to.za tome, whobe tilde enemies of Chrift,whom hethusquell, and deftroy? Ian. fluke ,9.x7, fwer, they are his enemies, who ttifdnot that heftauld feign ewerthem f. Bur now lothChrift teigne?With hisword:this-is the fcepter ofhis kingdom,& theredof 'fay.: 49 hismonth'. They that obey hiswordarehis fitbiefts, they that difobey are his e- nemies.But what is it toobey his word,to be profntnowand then at the preach- ing of it 1 No For lobe many fleepers,fcorncrs ,atheifts,chnrch-papits,drun. hands, whooremafters, vfurers,&c. all which notwrlhftauding fbadoe (hut out of u Rea s ,2. the new Itrufaicm°.But to obey the word,is,toberuled by the word,to walke se- nRrs. cording to therulenof theword.l'emare mnfriendr,ifyedoe whatfoenee ?command x Galane. tG. 3'w Y. If any manbean theword of Chrilt never fo often, yet do yceidnoobedi. y tohn.r5.r+ cuceto it, he fha[l havehis part among Chri(tsenemies.So then,Chrift is a herne ofpower tobridehis ;nenues. Arcthou none ofïtisfubicéts, doll thou not fuller his word:to heart Twaywith thee,&to reforme thy corrupt and carnal!conuerfa, tion;but;inert rather in groffe frns,to thedifgrace ofit,and to the reproch ofthe profefsion thereof? thouart in enemy to his Maielly,and oneof tholewhome he willconitme with thebreath ofhis month, and whom with the rod ofhis wrath be