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The efbridge-mentofthe 9ofpel. t#c you theWelly ofGod, what he is in himfelfe, and what hee is ro you,and fo let yourhearts (land inawe ofhim, andbe youAfraid to difpleafehim. Againe,the endofour redemption is, that we shouldfewGod withoutfiare,faithZacharie This ishis meaning ; Whereas the face ofGod'is naturally a terror vntovs,eueh as theface of a ledge is to a theefe; and whereasthat which we doe is fo full of maimesand blemi(hes,that we canhaue no courage toprefent it vntoGod; nor hope that he will accept it; t his is the endofour redemption,that beingcertainly perfwadedof thefauour ofGodin Chrill , andof remifsionof frnnesby him, all thisfeare may bequire remooued,&we mayboldly come to the throneofgrace, andcomfortablyante ourfelues, that Godfor Chrill will accept , euentheini- perfea andleant mea(úreofourobedience.This isthe truefenfe ofthe-place;this is thefeare,in the freedome from which ltandcth the true feruice ofGod. So that now this is the doetrine;Thattill the mind & confcience o fa Chriffianbe quietedand The 3. dell pacifiedbythe knowkdgofonetperfonal/acquittance beforeGod byCbrifl,amancannot trulyferia God, noryeeldonto him that obedience which br ought. This is plaineout ofthe place:the true mannerofferuingGod is withoutfeare,that is,withoutafto- nifhmencand fufpenfeof mindehowGodwill acceptthatwhich wedo. Now this fearecannot be banished , but by the comfortableapprebenfion ofa difcharge by Christ ; therefore without thiscomfortabléiapprebenliou , no man canfettle and obey Godas he ought to doe. Theft things are all manifeft. The Yealon al- loofthe doârine is apparant than: Asoften as I recount with my Idle the fcuc. city and Iuiliceof God, how that hecannot abide iniquity, and is in his wratha confamingfire r, anddoe confider withall, how full ofcorruption my heart is,and t Heb. ir.a9. how farre (hors thebelt Ican do,comes ofthat whichis required;what heart fhall Shan totender ayferuice ontohim , vnleffeI befome wayallured that my per - fon is acceptedin Christ, and that GodsRift difpleafure is allaied towardsme for his fake, fo that my franc performances(hall be lhrouded ender hismolt alafolute and perfit obedience?Hence isthatfay ing ofDauideThereis mercy withthre,that thou maieflbeefeared.. It is thehope and apprehenfion ofmercywhich encoura. uPfal.r ;o, . geth toobedience. Seeing we ham thefepromifer(faith the Apoflle)letyrcleanfe our filmsfrom aSflthinefex, &c. SeewhatTend inferred; upon thepromifeaofiner- a zCor.v.r. cy whichGod hathmade. ¶Faalfaith inone place,that Wharfoener ¿o net ofFaith, isfine Y,meaning that whatfoeuer is offered toGod, whichproceeded) notfrom y ....m.14.13 faith,thefame is a finne. In another place he faith , that by faith our confciences hauepeace withgodo. 130th theplaces pat togetherdoeOsew tissa much,that vn- nRom.p.r. till the confcience bee pacified by thealfurance of reconciliation withGod by Chrift, nothing that is done can finde acceptance withthe Lord. The order of thewords touching Habel,is worth the noting;TheLord hadreffieft to Habel,and tabicoffringa: Find,to Babel. then ro hiscifring. So that till I know thatGod aGen. 4.4. doth accept my perfon, I can haue no hope that he will refped' my feruice. Bythisicisplaine,fìrll,that itisvnpolsibleforaPapiltrightlytofetueGod,or Thes. pp. toyeeld entobinany true obedience. This will be thought a hard cenfnre,efpe_ dailytouching thole whichlector fo deuour, and make fogreat a profefsionof goodworkes; But is is eafily iultificd by the doarine of this place. God is not rightlyfettled valc(fe it bewithout feare, without that flotillaawe , which arifeth out ofthenor knowinga mansowneparticular reconciliation with God Now it is certaine, that Papiltsdo{tiny maintaine it, that it is vnpofsible for a manbyan ordinary faithtobe affuredofGods fauour. By the decrees of the Councell of Trent, aman mendoubtof his faluation as long ashee liueth in thisworldb : fo b SeP.6.Cap; thatindeeda Papin can neuer artaine any truepeace of confcience by hisowne 9. &Caari. doarine: ifhekeepe himfelfe toit , he mull refolue while he liuethto be infur. pente &vncertaine ofGods favour: Whata racke is this roa mansconfcience,to be taught that hecan neuer beCure inthis world that his linnes are pardoned,and that Godisteconciled to hiai in Christ Iefus ? Whatcheercfulueffeor boldnelíe M a can