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13Z The s.Yj. Thee/lbridgementofthe 9olel. can amanhaue toferue God, whenit is taught that there is no pofsibility for him tobee affured in his foule that God in Chriftwill accept hisferuice , and forgiue hisweakneffes ? Let thisbea rule tovs to iudgeofPopery:it isa defperate com- fortleffedodirine. Chrift cameinto the worldtofree vs from this feruile feare, and to fill our heartswithcheerefulneffe, by (hewingvetovs Godslouingcroup. tenante :Popery holdethvs in fufpence, and labours to vphold that fearswhich is thevery direáenemy to trueobedience. Secondly, this maketh also againft thecommon opinion, whichin (this point) is the fame with the Papifts. The :witdoe talks (I know notwhat) offeruing God,andprofeffe todoe it eueryday : but if it be askedwhat ground theyhaue ofpeace with God by Chrift, thiswill befound to be avery ffrange demand, and they will notknow what toanfwer : Security they haueenough, bar, what true peaceofconfcience is, they vnderitand not. Well maythey feeme tobeewith- out feare in regard of therecommon brutifhneffe: but lettheir confciencesbee touched and awaked,byComecroffe,ot iudgement,or by deaths approching,then this(mile feare,this difmallhorrorofheartwill loose appeare, and it will bee a bard matter tocomfort them. Knowwe therefore,that vutillwelabour to know our owne particular reconciliation withGodby Chrift , &to thatend reuerence the ordinance of God (the Word andSacraments , whichferue to noother vie but toapply Chrift toourfoules) carelelfe we may be, frozen in our dregges we may be, benummed and fenlleffe we may be; buttruepeace ofconfcience we can neuer haue, neither canany feruicecome from vswhich(hall be pleating and ac- ceptableuato God : vnleffe myheart canwitneffewith me, that I ferne and obey God cheerefully , and witha free(pink, knowing that God for Chrift hath and Both accept me, and that my weake feruices (hallbe fauourable looked vp- pon, Godmeafuring them reacherby the frncerityofmy affeâion, then by themeafure ofmy performance, Icannot fay that I ferueGod; thatwhich Idoe,com, meth from the fpiritof bon- dage,and God enemies it not. The