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138, The'e.4bragetnent ofthe Çofel. dMath. 7.si. thing,it is a matter ofa&ion. Manyat the !aft day thalllay,We hatepropbecieda, and we haueprofeffed"thy name, O Lord: but feeiog they have beenwelt with- e a Pe, a.,7. oxeWater, theblacke darkeneffe fball be to themfor nor.. Theother do&tine eolle- The j.dot!. &ed hence, is; Thatin thepralliftofreligion, their muffhea iayning togetherofthefe two,holinyfì, andrighteoufnefe;eur holycarriage towards Ged,& ourvprightdemea- nor towards men.lt ¡snot laidhere,he1is orrighteøufesasthough either might fettle, but holineffe and righteoufnefe, both together, Godhaeh ioyned them, and man may not feruerthem. Tothis agreeth that ofTad:That weAmidlicefober- FTir.x.ra ly, andrigbteoufly,& godlyf,eb. c.ThefearetwomainepartsoftheImageofGod: gEph.444. Rigbteoafneffi . true holine(fre; neither can weaffure ourfelues that weeare time- ly regenerate, vnleffe we finde in our reinsa concurrenceofboth. It isabfurd ro be refpe&iue towardsmen, and to neglc& that dutywhich weowe toGod: It ishypocriticall tomake thew ofdeuotion to God, andtohaue no,regard howwe line inrefpe&of men: But, tobecarefullin the knowledgeandferuiceofGod , and fruitfullin the duties ofequity and cueuucllkamongli men, this is religion, this is the wholedutyofman. TheV/c. This doftrine is very necelfary,becaufe, the rentingslanderofChefs two,heli- neffe and righteeefneffe,is thecommon euillofthofewhich makeaprofefsionof religion. Some there were, who in the outward exercifesofreligion arevery dili- gent,in repairing tothe congregation,in hearing,in communicaringin refraining from open míforders on the Sabbath day : but looke on them in thole things which concerne men,there you thall finde them exceeding faulty :proud,difdain. full,malicious, reuengefull,cruell,opprefsing,all for themtelues,without refpc& to others: Others there arewhich thewa kinde ofcivility in outwardfashion tothe world; quietthey be and peaceable,obferuinga kindeoftruth andequity in there dealings, and fo gaina name and asopinion ofhoneft men a yet havenoregard tothe exercifesofpiety,more then foroutwardforme, defpifeknowledge,bafely efteemethe publike miniftry, make no reckoningoftheSabbath. Both thefeforts comeIhort, and continuing as they are can never befaced. Remember then, to ìoyne both together, Wines towardsGod, rightéëiajnestowards men: Art thou a loner to heare a man forward in the publikeexercifes ofreligion ? thoudoeft well: fee thou make confcience alto of equityamong!} men, cis all thy deuotion is but hypncrifre. Artthou a manofciuillfalhion, that pretendelttogiveevery man hisowne? fee thou feafon thy carriage to men, withknowledgeand zeale in the mattersofGod, els thy ciuiliry is but formality:and both the former with his unrighteous bolines,and thou,with thineunholyrighreoufees, (hall be cutofffrom basing anyinheritance in the kingdpmeof Chrilt,and ofGod. The fift and laft point, according to the orderfirftpropounded,is the triallof the truth of all thefe duties, in thofewords,befarebien:whereby ismeant fuch ha_ The 6.doEE. lines and fuch righteop/nes, which is framed, not barely tocontent men, but to Ware God: whereave aretaught; That ifwewoeldhareligions indeed, wemalt noe broke fo muchhow remake a}hew, andto befomethiarg in appearanceandopinionbefore men, ashowtoapprenneoarfehaesbytruthandfincerityofbear:voteGod. Truth it is, that the opinion ofinen is not limplytobe negle&ed :for it is the ruleofthe A. hRom.ra.r7 poille that wefbould'mare things ham/t letkefrghtofalmenh:butyettheappro- bation ofmen mutt not be madethe ruleofgodlinelfe, butonely thewill &Ma- iGen.s.zt. idly of God. It was the commendationofEnochandofNoah, that the times & 6.9, wherein they linedbeing ouerrunwith lewdneffe, yet theywalkedwah God ',that istheyconfrdered more whatGod appointed,then what molt men pra&ifed,and defrred more toapprooue themfelues by a holy carriagevotohim , thenrotune to the fame excefik withthe mnitirude,thoagia(perhaps)foto hauedour, might k Gena7.r, hauebeenmore for their outward commoditie. It was thecharge givenby God toAbraham, Wakebefore me k,thatis,let it ítill be thycare,that,feeingtam pre- Anteuery where, andptiuytoall thy coutfcs,choumaicft walkeus inmy light,& make