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TheTitles, Texts, and Doctrines of the feuerall Sermons. The Chriltians Iournall, 3. Sermomvpen Matfh.7. 33, 14. DOCTRINES. I A right vnderfleluding, anda trueacknowledgement of hieowne*daring, dfsrft thmg that ought tobeineuery onethat defiretbSa !cation, page 2. 2. Care tofeeke out the trete way andpath which lcadeth tbegoerl init unto Life, ne. coffarieto hemthat wouldbefaced, page 4. 3 When errour isfelt, and the truewayfound , theremuff be a refolution to make et prefent entrie, page 5. 4 No man can enter inat thegateof Life, Withoutflopping, p. 7. 5 As there canbe noentrie withoutflcoping, fo thereweft be gripping osrfebteeofaR hindrances, p. 8. 6 In the defsrersoffaluationthere muff bea continueproceeding andgoing on ingood things, p. to. 7 He that d f reth toproceedeas he lhould, rnuftbooscontinuaNguidance, p. 12. 8 Fogether withgiidancethere mull be eircurgeltion, andan heedingof hie cousrfeo P 5 9 Toboththere there mug beioynedapreparationforencumbrances, p. x6. 1 o We mull oftencallour courfes toan account, p. 17. I I Thoughfor the prefent the Wayoffane bedelightful/, yet the end is 'infer". p.29. Iz Multitude inmatters ofReligion, isnogood rule toproceede by, p.22. 13 The duties ofholinffe , though for the prefent they turbe inforce things, yetthe iffue is life,and the reward is Comfort, p. 24. 14 The befi courfes,haae generally tbe feweffoppropaers,& thefettle f fo/owers,p.26 The Miooritieof the Saints, I. Serm. oponMarko lo.Iq. Doer R I N E S. Humil/tielimplynecefarie tofaloation, p. 29. á uffalicioufnelli no fit politicforthofe that intend heauen, p.31. 3 The fbiriteaßfootleof thefeule ought tobe defied, p. 3z. . 4 Right Chriflionsmußbeeuerorowing, p. 33. 5 Gods childrenmill imitate their beauenlyFather, p. 34. 6 Godtchildren metft quietly depend vpon theirFathers pronidence, TruthsPurchafc, 2.Serm, uponPron. 23.23. Do c TRINES. I Ester,fjtirirua/lpurchafermolt bane anearneffdefire tobe a partakfr of the heanetslyl Commodirie, p.41. z -He muff diligentlyfrequent theplace ofSale, p. 44. -. 3 Hemet haue skill todifcerneefthat Which isofferedtohim. p.47. 4 Homolt gioo°tbepriceaccordingtothevalueandworthofthecommoditie,p.49í, 5 He mullfforejevp for his neceffarievfe, p. 5o. 6 With the kyowledgeofthetruehmnffbeioyned obedience cockteak; p. g; ¶ 3 7 7