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Truths Purchafe. 59 Now, to spply this (which is the third point Ivndertooke) thisis the vfeof Tb, FA. that which hath beeneCaid ; euen to fir vs vp(as beforeto foundneffeofknow- ledge inthe?rietb,fo now) co hearty andvnfamed obedience thereunto :that as by following the former exhortationwe (hall be able may ; Thms wehaue labo,- red,thua Weabound in knowleelge,thua are we grounded inreligion; foby this,I mealie by this obeyingfrom the heart,theforme (pairing which wee hauelearned we u ram.g.ía. maywith feeling vfe the words ofleremie ,Tbe LordismyportionfaithmySoule.: andof amid,/ homeAvow andwillperformeit,that 1 witieepe thy righteous ledge_ menux. So that whenwe thall beate the Lord Cay in his word, Oh that there Were xPfa719 .106 filch an heart in them tofeare me,and tokeepe a0mycemmandementsalways ; our Y Deur.4.29. hearts withinvs mayMake anfwer,Oh thatour wayeswiredirefledtolleepthyfla- zPlLn9.Ç. Wei . This is the life ofall religon, this is the Power ofGodlineffe a, namely, aa.rim when as the Truth feated in the vnderfanding, like the oyntmentb,which being b pia), r3 powred on Aaron, headrannedowne to hisbeard,and went euen to the skirts of hisgarments; fo this, deriueth itfelfe into thewhole man,and Cweeteneth all his a&ions, making him togive vp hisBody,a limingfacrifrcyhoy and acceptablevaro God And Purely , if I hadthe bell gift in perfwading whichGod hath.gineta to cRom.ta, an man,and could makemy words likenaitufafienedby the mafrersoftheAfm. b/ieo d, Icould not bellowmy skill better,then in vrging and prefsing thisduty: d Rccl.rmil. and that in there three refpe&s. Firft,becaufe of the difficultyof thedutie. It is by manydegreeseafier,tobecome a manofdeepe iudgement,thenofa religious obediencesa harder matterto re&ifibthe aff&ions, thentoinforme thevnder finding. And there is good reafonfor it,euenin nature t Ina matter ofknow- ledge,to beapprehended by the vnderfandinf part ofman,there may filch for. ciblereafon andneceffary confequences beedrawne,whereunto it cannot pofi- blybut gluecoufent :In the affe&'tons it is not Co. For,that which mooueth them, is folicfenfible, either profit ordelight, which becaufe itis notfo eaf,ly felt, and Co Coone perceived in thiscafe ofobedience, and reformation,therefore it is an ealte matter , for the vnderfiandingto bewell enlightened in the knowledgeof religion, and yet theaffe&ions to remaine cold and lumpilh without any loue to religion. So that a man may Cooney ranne through the whole Circle of knowledge, then Cet one feppe forward toobedience. Nowin reafon , that which is fohardin performing , requirethvehemencyofper (wading. 'Thefe. cond rfpe&, why Ihold it Io worthy the paises ofmee, orofanyother tovrge this duty , is theexcellencie ofit; and that appearethheereby, becaufe the leaf graineofobedience, doth as irwere feafos tIsewhole lampe of knowledge : the fmallef quantitieof hearty affetion,is the meafureofreligion: Godrefpeeteth not how much, but how heartily: yea,ifaman be cut £hortofthe fulneffeofo. bedience , yet ifbeehaue an vnfaineddefire,hee is accepted according to thatbee bath et fo precious a thing is thehearty embracingofthisTroth. The third re- escor.ais. fpe&is thegenerali want hereof among the menofthis geperation. Foraswee haue canted theenemiesofGod toblafpheme, (Imease Papifs,)and to fpeake mill of our holy profefsion, becaufe ofour fruit-lefneffe; foie wouldmake the Eyes of Daniel to gull, sot with rimers ofwatersf, and vexe therighteous fouleof ,ferx5 ;S Late, if they lined 9. g amongvs ; to fee firft, howthe more learnedandwifcr fort Pw, (who yet would be thoughtrelìgious)makereligiononely a matterof contem- plation and thinkit enough tobee able todifcourfe in mattersofdiuinitie, as inotherthings upon occafion;andthen next, howthe commonfort(rhatareyet calledChrillians,) bee as far from the powerandtruth ofreligion,as they which neuerheard ofreligion. So then, this beeingaduty ofthat difficultie, ofthat excellencie, of that necefsitie,(that Imay atlull end this fir i part)fulferme to venue the former exhortation in one word : Asyou muli Cpare'nocolt topof- Celfe the Truth, Co youmall euen glue all,euen forone little Modicums ofhear- ty obedience to theTroth. For thepurchafrug whereof, Iknowsootherplace F a to