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o- Truths Turchafe. toremitthcevnto, then that which Inamed forthe purchafingof knowledge s even the market ofthe Lord,the houfeofGod,where his word is moll faithfully difpenfed:where the faithful) Steward ofGods houfe, who knoweth how todi. hLnk.rs.gs. (tribute toeueryman hisportion in duefeafonh,will,ashedothprooue the do. &tine; toftablilh thy Iudgement,fo apply italfo,and makerteof it todire& thy Thefecond obedience. And thus much for the firitpart ofthe Text,the Iniunction, Bay the pine of the Truth. Now followeth the Inhibition,fellnot the Truth. Tar. Ifhall not neede to fpcnd muchtime , in fearchingoutehemesningof this claufe. For firft;the wordTruth isfo to bevnderitood hem as in the formerpart, And then,whatit is tofedtheTrutb,willeafrlybe gathered from the confederati- onof Baying whichbath hithertobeeneexpounded. as then Salomonwhen hee enìoyned the Baying attic Truth, meant therebya careful' and aninduffrious endeauo'uring toobtaine theTruth; fo here inhibiting thefieofTrodbihe inten- deth a careleffeand negligent difpofition to forgoethe Truth. Theonely diuifionwhich Iwill vfe,íhall bee to apply thisfeping;to the double Interpretatióofthe word Troth:Sothat I haue here twopoints tohandle: t.SeN The a do not the knowledge of the truth: a. For gotoso,partowwith thyobedieet tothe truth, @tine of this Ofthefetwo inorder. And firfcoftbis,fellnot theknowledgeofthe trueh;that is,Be Sermon. not wrought by any meanes,to alter thy Iudgementwhen thouareonce groan: ded , and fetled in the truth. Nowas inhandling ofthe former parr;I did apply thefimilitude ofBuying, fo in this alfo;I mull haue leaue,tofollow thephrafeof Ming, fo farce forth(as agreeably tothe ruleandproportion offaith,) it may giue light unto thisplace. Ofa good & thrifty husband, whichisrefolned nottopail with that,which by hisgreat induftry &charg he hath gotten,twothings are required.r.Tocôtinue &preferue his efat.i.Byall honetlmeans toincreafe ir. Fie whichbath a refo- lution not to fell that which he hath,youknow bee willbauenought todowith elision Brokers, fuck asare lifting(as it were)at euery thing,&lie in thewind to catch whatfoeuer,any vnthrift f1ra11 bewilling to depart with;or els,ifhehappen tohaue to doewithfuch,he will be wife toknow how toridhis hands ofthem,& tokeepethat which he bath fró theirfingerieg. This isworldly policy; notmuch unlike to this, oughtto bethe wifedomeofeuerygoodChrifian in this behalte. As our times are,Sathan,(who is the captaine Broker& cannot abidethisChri. fiian frugalitie)hath twoprincipaliagents,whofollow hiscaufes,and are dealers for him in this kind./ .The Atheilt.a.ThePapift. Againftboth thefe,hee whichis ì 1.Kia.as.3- a right religious Naboth,andcrieth,God forbid that Ifirouldpart withthe pot fefsionofGods trurb,muitarmehimfelfe.Firft,forthe Atheill, (who is thediesels ks.Saniso io hand,as thefword was in thehand offáab towardAmafeek,to ftrikerelígió to the hart)that he may notneed todouble hisltrokrtheheft courfe inregard ofhim isaltogether to difctaime him,& notfo muchasto vfe any fpeechesofchafering with him ; but asS./ames fpeakestouchingthe dinell,at the very fiatincounter JIam }.7.i torefflhim'.For it sa dangerousthing, in religion, efpeciauly in the principali points,asofthegodhead,the immortality ofthe foule,the refurreaiö,&the like, toadmit ofanydifcourfe,alrhough it may be pretended tobe but forconference fake,whereby the truthof thefe things mightbee called intoqueftion. Reafon teacheth vs, that entry Art mullhaue hisprinciples,whichmuttnot be gainfaid. I rememberWhat the.Philofophercouldfay;Ifany fhould difpute and argue tou. thing this principle,whether therebe motion in nature,let himbe bearen,till bee confeffe,that he who ftriketh him,may defrfi fróbeating him;or,whetherthe fire behot,let him be madeto feeleiraudfobeethat fisouldcall the immortalityof theConic into quellion, it were pity but he Mould fobeferued,as hevoluntarily did ferne himfelfe, whoreadingof the fiateofthe foulefeparatedfrom thebody, threw himfelfe headlong froma rocke that bee might experimentally know it. The Heathenilh Ephefianswerewirer: for when they heardPaalbeginneto call