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TruthcPurchafe. >< call the godhead ofDiana intodoubt,theycarried it away with a fhoute,Greatis Diane ofthe ephefans°',they thought ita riling not tobeendured. Andthrough wA3.tg..a; this flood-gate, came thisSea ofmilery into theworld in which weeare allouer- whelwed, even,that ourgrand-mother Haab,didentertain adifcourfe, and par- ley with Sathan touching theTrab ofGodsword: As indeed,to what end are nG.'.;, conferences and reafonings ofthis nature ?FóglfmenWill notbeleeue Molls and the Prophets °,nothing canperfwade them.Furthermore :becaufc euery manthall o Luk,r6,; e, now and then feele a little piece ofan Atheift in his ownebofotne(for eachman by nature is thatFoote whichfithin his heart their isno GodP ,)tirerefore(becaufe PP(ala4,r. alto the Principles ofAtheifine are groundedvpon mansreafon,) it isgood to be felled inthis rule; that theMylteriesof Chriftian religionarenot tobe exa- mined by humane reafon.For which carafethe Scripture faith, Thenaturall man pieceueth notthe things ofthef ßiritofGodfor they arefoelifhwesveto hima,&c.And, q'.Cons,/;, The tnifedome oftheflefh is Enmity agatnfi Godr: and,ifany man amongyou femmero ' Rom s.7. be Wife inthis world,&t himbeafaole,thatbemay bewifer. Isit not inreligion,asin lt.Cor.3 rS, natural! things :In them, artludgement is grounded vponexperience and obferua- tior and thelndu&ion of manyparticulars, fromwhich isdrawneagencralI conciuliod: Indininity , the very thing deliveredbyScriptureisto be acknow- l-adged,rhoughit be not asyet ftrengthenedbyexperience. Blefrd are they that c 11'11'8. , hakeWoe /etne, andhave beleeued, faith our Sauiour': and, Faith is the euiaenceof '1.8a9 things which are not few .rand, wee hambeleeued,an i known,(c.faid the Difci- ,106,5 ay plesr. As Abraham hoped againft hopee,foareligious man muftbeleeue againll y xo:r..y.rs. all carnal! reafon to beleeue. And indeed, ifwe will cíe ourflues to reafon,there can be no fouadnelfeinreligion t forbring your mainepointsof religion to rea Ioni barretheirtoreceiuetheirtriall,andwhat(ballbetheverdi&butthis;that the do&rine of the Trinity is fenflefe, of the Incarnation ofChrill,abfutd;of theRefurre&ion incredibli;of theVnion ofChrifts two natures,vnlikely ;ofRe- generation , vnpofsibte ; ofPredeftination, vniuft; ofPreaching, Foolilhnelfe, andfoof others:howbeitIhohle this alfo,thatwhereScriptureapprooueth rea- fon,there reafonmay be brought inasawitneffe,although neuter as fudge ; as in the cafe ofthe reali prefence, the Scriptureafcribing to Christ anaturall body , maketh naturall reafon an argumentprong ynough ,againft filch an vnreafona- hie opinion. Thusif amenûsllbring hisownethoughts intocaptiaitie,which exalt themfelues again/}the knowledge of God, hee (ball beereafonably well guarded again(/ the Atheift, andmaintaine thisfpirituall profefsionofGods Truth. The fecond Manager of Sachans Bufineffe, in feeking todraw estoan uni. thriftie felling of the Trueh,isthe Papift,who wasneuet bufier,nor fuller of de- trees then hee is at this day: labouring by bookes,by priuieperfwaders,by brbes,and by all meanes whichhellifhwit can deuife,to draw menfrom theac knowledgement and profefsionofGods Truth. Theircommon motiues,arewell knowne tothofe,which knowany things,andhowthey feeke toblindeanddazell the eyes ofnanny with theglorions(bur yet pretenced)thewes Ofantiquicie,vni- uerfalitie, vary, lineal!fuccefsion, Catholike Church, Churchplanted by the ApolulesFathers,Couocclu,Mjraclea,and the like. Now tofhew theweakeneffe ofeuery ofthefe motiues; the fallhoodoffome, thepreceafingofotherlome, the l'nualidityofthem all , were along pieceofworke, and notpofsibly tobee (though it werebut flightly,)handled,in this lbortneffe of time : yet leftI fhould feenre toname anenemy,aud to give no dire&ion ro refillhim, therefore, that eues the meanft Chriftian, who pathgotten fomecomfortable knowledgeof the Truth may know how tokeepe his right against euery inueigling and car- chrng Papi/ , I will deliver thefe two initruétions. The firlt is,the fpeechofthe Apotile to Timothy, Continue thou inthe things , which thous hall learned , and art perftVaded thereof, knowing ofwhom the s arblearned themz. Ipray youto u z Tl 8'3'74 F confider