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6z Truths Purchafe, confider the Place and you (hall finde it a notable Preferuatiue, and asgoodas a grimmePorter to keepe thole Popifh faaors that would Velurevs ofour in heritance.The Aponte preffeth to a ffiffc& firme continuance in Trail, received, when as thefe two thingsconcurre with it t. Amans owne perfwafien : a. The confiderationofthe Qualitie ofthofewhich firft taught vs.Firft,fora mans owne Perfwafron; markeI pray you, left I fhould feeme, in treadof grounded fetled. neffe,to comínend felfe-willed peeuifhneffe : By beingFerfwaded, Paul meaneth thusmpch,as ifhe hadfaid to Timothy:Ifit be anopinion,Which thouhall not fodder. lyentertaiued,but opangoodadwife;ifitbathfelted itfelfe inthy iudgement,then,When as thouwith Care and Conf ience,with Hoonsilitie,witbvfingthe ordinary means,with praier unto Ged,witb heartydefire to beguided intoTruth,enquiredß after knowledge, fur8ly thou ocghteftnot (being by theftdegrees brought to it andin thismannerperfwa. sledm it)rafhlyandfuddeny`toforgoe it. This ismeant by perfwafion in thisplaces /3fetledneJJe oflodgement, followingopts asorderly rood sobringa man thereunto. The fecond thingwhich muttconcurre, is , Confider and markt of reborn thouhaft learnedthemrthatis,0bferue,andnotewell,what /Mode afrostheyare,bywhofeMini- flrythou haft been inflrufled, 7f theybe men, Wha by theirfidditre intcaching,asodby theblefng ofGod opontheir labours,in vfing their .Flini/lry toconcert memfaules,doe carry Withthem thefeale of their e. f,nifry, nay, ifthine ownefooleCan witn for them either of theree,out ofthineownefeeling,thenbeware of adottrine contrary to that thouhat? bin taught; though l wouldnot baue thee tiethy feelfe to any mans Authority, yet be not rafh,be wet aduifid, before thou alter thy iudgement confirmedbyfoch a mi.. sultry. This is the firfi thing which I will in the Lord commend as a direaion, for themeaner fort, (who cannot enter into the examinationof curry feuerall) to preferite them fromthe allurementsof Popery, and from feting theTruth toeve- ry cheatingcompanion. The fecond thingwhich I will commend onto the fimplerfort, usameases to keepe them,frombeing entangled, with thelarge offers of fubtill Papifts , which feeke todrawmen from the Truth,isthis; whenthey fhall be perfwaded to any point ofPopery, differing from thedolirine taught amongft vsat this day, ei- ther bywriting, orpriuie fuggefling, orcorrupt and unfound teaching, let than compare itwith the contrarywhichwe hold , and well ponder with themfelues, (defiring allo tIse alaillasce ofGods Spirit) whichof the two opinions, maketh moil forthe glory ofGod , for the comfort ofa dilircffed and diftraaed con- fcience,and for thereftraint of thelibertie of the flefh : and which foeuer of the two , they {hall finde, by the witneffeof their owne confcience, (concurring withthevoice ofthe Scripture) to make molt for all, or foranyof theft three, let them takethat,to bethe foundelt, and for their lifenot dare torenounce it. Macke the Reafon. Firfl,the end why Godmade all things, wan theGloryof his owne name': the end why he redeemed mankindwas, That nefle(hfharsletreioyce .Cor. r. inhis prefence,but that he which reioyeethfhould reioyce in theLord' ; that no man 3o,; t. fhould haue caufe to thanke himfelfe , but lhould bee compelled to afcribe all onto the Lord. By this rulePaul decideth the controuerfie touching Inftifica- c Rum.;. ay. tion by faith and workes °,Where is then the reioycing?(faith he)lt is excluded : By Whatlaw ; (that is, ByWhat meaner offaluaeion) ofworkes? Nay, but by the Law of Faith. Faith taketh all fromman,andafcribeth all tothe Lord: Therefore weeon_ itVerf.:3. elude,thoe aman is iufliftd byfaith withoutthe workes ofthe Law a,Se that hence I confirme thinrule, that!coke which point ofdoftrine doth moft debafe man, and gluethe whole glorieof all good onto the Lord,that is the Trwtb,andthat is alone tobeembraced. For the fecond rule, which is touching comfort: Pawl faith, thatthe end why theScripture was written, was forour learning andcom- e q, forte : The end of all, both writing and teaching is , that man feeling the extremitie ofhis owne miferie , might notwithftanding be fitted inthe comfor- table aflbranceof theloue of God, inCluiftÍefus. So then, that do&rinewhich affordetly