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Truths Purchafe. 63 affordeth theroundel' comfort, then, whena wounded conicicncemo defireth comfort,that is the Truth,&that is not at any hand tobe forfaken. Thirdly,tou- chine thereffraint oftheßefh, I remember the layingofthe Apoffle,Te homebeen `. collodium liberty,anlyvfe notyour libertyasanoccafronto thefefht:as whowould fay, fGal.g.13. Thedearine ofChtiflian Religion, though it be a dothine of liberty tothe fpi: tit, freeing it from the bondageof finne &Sathan,yet it is a do&rineof refiraine to the fleflufothat when you feelethe ficfhbeginto breakout& rake liberty;then know it tobe an abnfe ofthedo&tine ofliberty. This was Padsmeaning. So that it is an vnfallibleGanon, that thattdotrine whichpreflcth upon men, the aloft precife & aridobedience to Godswil, not,giuing any the leali toleration to any the (mallet" fin, butis(till curbing mansoáturall inclination vntoeuill,thefame is theTruth ofGod,thatought celeryferuánt ofGod to maintaine. Ipray you re- member thisdire&ion.I donot for mineownpart(andI fpeak ithaving often& aduiCedly thoughtupon it) know any maine pointofpopery, but itmaywell be tryed by thereRules. So that you (hall find all the grounds of that religion,eithcr toobscure Gods glory,or to weaken mans comfort, or (what pretenceComerit maymake,by not Cawing to /pare the bodys)ro glue liberty to theflcfli pray you 8col. za; try thetruth hereofeposoccafion,and thencredit thedireaion accordingly. Thus much brieflyhow à Chriltian good husband,whohayingata Bearehand purchafed the truth;& is willing ffillto enjoy it,may keep the fame from all hack- fters,whether they befilch as woulddraw him to no religion, orfuch as would Winnehim toa falfe religion. A needfull point in thefe decaying times, in which yf Sathan knowing that he loathbut afhort time, hathgreatVorathh,&beffirs him felfe ha,,.is,st exceedingly; & in whichalfo,many,as it were wearyofManna,of the finceredo- &rinc of the Gofpell,do long for the fleshpotsofEgypt,for thegroflenes of Po- pery;others go about tomake a medleyof Popery &true Chriflianity,to put the Arke&Dagon intoone Temple,which cannot be ; others confidering the tours oftimes,cary themfelues in a kind of indifferency,cafting (likethe wireReward Luk.rd 'what they fhall do hereafter.Sothat ifeuer thePapifls, leavingall otherperfwa fions,lhould haueoportunity (whichGod forbid),tq refuruetheir old argument, From the chrbs,threatningvsithat ifwewill notfell oarinheritance; theyWill fire vs A006us; our, is much to bee feared, that a great many ofvswonld refigneour intereft, chooing rather to goCeekeanew, then to holde ourold poflefsion vpon fo hard conditional befeech you therfore let vsas wel rememberto take heedofa thrift- lefnes infoiláking the truth, as ofmiferablenes and nigardice in purchaftng the truth,& let me conclude thisplace & exhortation,with the wordsof the Apolile; You that are,or hereafterby the blessingof Godvponthe ereofthegood means (hall be grounded in Gods holy troth,ßandfaft,& keepthe infiruûiens thatye lease boo taught; and 1pray Ieftc, Chriß our Lord,}yho loathgismovseuerlaßingconfolatien, .goodhope throughgrace,ehfert ourharts,( flabliflovs in entry word ygoodworkk. k ns Th,C=J f The nextpoint is, to erge this inhibition in regard of the truthofobedience; Pact. 3 ofwhich also thisplace is to bevnderftood, which faith, fehnot the truth, thatis, After thenartonce cored intoa holycourt oftrue obedience fee thou issuerforfake the fame. Potthe well handlingofthispoint, themoil:full and profitablecount were this t Infomuch asSathan,theArch-enemy ofour foule,knowing,that the further wegoon in trueobedience,the furtherweare from his iurifdierion,doth therfore notfaile toColicite vs,&by many feuerallmeanstobe euer temperingwithvs, to flake our forwardnes,andto kill & coole all zealewithin vs; for this crude itwere good todifcouerhis piots,todefigne his infirumens,and to note the feueratlfug- geflionsby whichheeatrempteth tomakevs cart offal( holy obedience toGods Truth.Sometimes profit hindereth,Cometimespleafure mifleadeth, fometimesa feare to impaire our credite in the world is a flop, fometimes a conceit oftoo much lfraitnes & difficulty in Religion diCcourageth, fometimes anopinion that toomuchzealeisfupetfiuous ,ciotfethvs; fo that it is a hardmattertoplay the p Oá,