Hoadly - BX5136 H6

74 L The Reafnablenef What I obferve upon this, is, that you your felves grant by this, that theGaver- nours of the Church have authority to im- pofefome unneceffary things ; that it is not unlawful to prefcribe things antecedently unneceffary under the hi Theft penalty ; that Men who may be call'd Hone; may be dealt with after this manner on the account oftheir fcruples ; and that thefe arguments which hold as well againft thofe impofitions you fay you could comply with, as againft theft you fay you cannot, are not fo plain, and fo de- rnonftrative, that a wife man ought to found a matter of fuck confequence as a feparation from a fetled Church upon them. For thus the cafe feems to me to ftatid. Yougrant that theGovernours of theChurch may_impofe a Liturgy,and pre - fcribe the Time, for performing Religious offices : for you would joys with them in thefe profriptions, and would not fepa- rate from the Church in order to- witneff againfl thefe impofitions. The arguments you urge again[' complying with the o- ther impofitions do appear to conclude as ffrongly againft your complying with thefe. Therefore I think it follows un. avoidably, that you ought to be as wit. ling