Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. ling to comply with the other as with theft ; to acknowledge the power of the Governours in the other as well as theft ; to withfland a Separation founded upon the impofition of the other, as you would do one founded upon the impofition of theft ; and not to inveigh fo bitterly a- gainft what you have allowed andapprov- ed of, in cafes eaEly parallel, as far as your arguments are concerned ; for it cannot be more againft your confciences to joyn in impofing the other upon. the People, than to joyn in impofing theft. Thefe arguments if ,they prove any thing, prove too much ; and,therefore,they prove nothing. Now fence thefe are the only arguments you produce againft the im- pofitions in the Church of England ; we think it ought tobe afufficient fatisfaEhon to your Queffion, by what authority are r theft things prefcribed ? to anfwer, by me byzrtp o the fame authority by which you ac- 164. knowledge the Governours of the Church may prefcribe force other things, againPc which the very iàmé dreadful objections lye : and we argue, that if, in one cafe, the Governours ought not tobe abufed and inveigh'd againft, for the groundlefs feru- pies of thepeople; certainly in others alto, Obedi- 75