Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ofCONF ORM ITY. at which our Saviour ins/lituted this Rite v and to be fhy of Teeming to Symbolize with Idolaters, in celebrating it at that time which it is well known fogne have chafe, out of too much veneration to the elements themfelves ; which tho' difclaim'd by the Church of England, yet is apt to be mifin- terpreted. Òrtppofe a man fhauld upon Searching Church-Hiftory find(or fancy that He finds) that the time of Celebrating- the Communion was never determin'd to the Morning till the Doarine of Tranfubfan- tiation was eflablifoed : this alone (tho' He fhould have nothing farther to alledge ) might be a valid realn for his being fby of that time. But for Miniflers to en- ter into anyfach Combination as to be oblig- ed to tellfachmen, when defiring the Com- munion at the Evening, Truly, while you are under this Scruple, tho' I may pity you for your weaknefs, yet I can't own you for ChrifEians, this we think hard, and cannot comply with. All thefe things may be fad againfl; this, or any o- ther prefcription not abfolutely neceffary to the being of the Church, or to the due adminiiration, of Chrift's ordinan- ces; and the fame accufation fluids again{E diem, ánd"againfl thofe who should ap- pr®ve themó What. 73