Hoadly - BX5136 H6

76 The Realnablenef Obedience fhould fometimes be preach'd to the people , rather than a violent leaure conflantly read againfl their Pa- il-ours ; and that you ought fometimes to confider whither thefe principles tend, on which this terrible inve'tive againiI impofitions is founded. Now, whatever is thus order'd, be- comes a Term of Communion. One par- ticular Time, appointed ; the Liturgypre- fcribed, become Terms ofCommunion; and Ne;v Terms of Communion, in as much as Chrifi made them not fo ; and unneceffary Terms ofCommunion, in as much as neither a fit form in exclufon to free prayer is foneceffary, in your opinion, but that the great ends of Chriftianity may be ferv'd without it ; and much lefs the appoint- ment ofone hour of the day in exclufion to another, as agreeable to the nature of the Sacrament. Yet thefe you are ready to comply with; fromwhence Icollea,that you do not efceem it fo great a fin to make new, unnecefaryTermsofCommunion as people may be apt to think from your writings ; or to prefcribe things antece- dently unneceffary under the penaltyof no Communion without them ; nay, that it is your opinion, that Obedience to the Go vernours