Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. vernoursof theChurch is reafonable in fuch cafes ; and, confequently,that a Separation founded upon an abhorrence of fuch pre- fcriptions (call them impofitions , or neu' Terms ofCommunion, or Terms that contra- die the Terms Chrifl felled , or trap grefons of the lawofCharity, or what you pleafe) is an ill-grounded and unreafon- able feparation. Hardnames alter not the nature of things ; and for all the hard names beflow'd upon thefe prefcriptions you do not like, I cannot imagine them any more contrary to the will of Chrift, or the nature of his Religion, than thofe whichyou could have approv'd of, and onwhich you bellow no hard words. From what bath been faid I think it is plain, that thofe Governours of theChurch do not fin, or ufe thepower given themfor edification to deJlrueion, who do not clog the inflitutions of Chrift with trouble- fome and manifold impofitions; who prefcribe what they efleem to be in it felf reafonable and becoming; what is the greateft fecurity to Religion, and the de- cencies ofpublick Worfhip ; who haveby publick declarations prevented, and an- fwered all theobjeaions that the fcrupu- bous are apt to entertain againft them. It 77