Hoadly - BX5136 H6

78 I{ { The Reafonablenefi It is plain that, according to your felves, in the Cafe of' a Liturgy, the Scruples of the numbers that think it a fin to joya with one are not to direE the Governours in their prefcriptions, or to over-ballance weightier reafons. Here thenyou do not feem to think them chargeable with the ill confequences of fuch a command ; or the command unlatfirl, becaufe it will ex- clude fo many from Church Communion. And yet I verily think, that all the argua ments produc'd againf:.the other prefcri- ptions lye as hard againff this. And I doubt not but many amongft thofe whofe common caufe you plead, are of this opi- nion. But I fpeak to you who are not averíe to fuch a. Command ; and cannot but wonder how you could pofably a- gree with one unneceffary impofition ; and yet argue from fuch principles againfl o- thers, as lye direEly -ill, as well asforne. Again, thofe Governours who have or- deed ,nothing, but what if all would fe- rioufly comply with, is certainly for the good *heChurch, have done their du- ty, and cannot bechargedwith fin. And, fuch we effeem the things commanded. I do not think that you can name one jingle