Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ofCONFORMITY. fingle ill confequence, Mould all the peo- ple of the Land ferioufly endeavour to procureSpánfours for their Children; com- ply reverently with kneeling at the Com- munion ; and fubmit to have their Chil- dren figned with the fign ofthe Croß af- ter Baptifrn ; and I am fure I could name a great many good ones. Certainly that command is not unlawful, which, ifit be ferioufly obeyed by all, procures many advantages, and brings not one difadvan- tage to the Church. Neither is that command unlawful which enjoyns a thing under a difpro- portionable penalty. For if it be, then the Governours of the Church can enjoyn nothing, neither thisparticular Tume, nor this particular Liturgy. But they may do this, as you acknowledge ; and yet thepenalty to Him whofe fault is only a fcruple about joyning with this Form, and communicating at this time, is no Corn- mullion. Therefore you cannot think this fufficient to make a command unlaw- ful. The plain state of the cafe, in this point , appears to be this. They , to whom theGovernment ofthe Church is in- trufted, are to prefcribe what they judge fit in the fervice of God, according to the 79