Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Sò The Reafinableners the beft light they have ; leaving fuch perfons to God and their own confeien Ces, as fay they dare not Comply with thefepréfcriptions. They areobliged to r&., irrkularity, diforder, and an ignorant Contempt of all authority. If any truly honeft man be excluded COmrnunion by this means, the Penalty is to be confide- red, not as the punifhment of the ferti. pies of an honeft man, (which he may have lmoft unavoidably) but asa Fence agaibft Diforder. as a flop to fuch Er- rours as are againft the Peace and Order òf this fociety ; as a check to the defigns òfwicked and unchriflian Men, who, Ufi- dcr this pretence, and in fuch good com- pany, are doing whatever they can to Unhinge all, and bring Confufion and rt- ine into the Church. You muff be fenti- ble fromwhat bath been faid before, that there are cafes in which it is fit that Men, let them be never fo honeft, fer thus for their errours, granting them to be unavoidable. But this is not to be charged upon the command, but upon their weaknefs, and the il confequences their Errours and miflakes may carry long withthem. I might cite Experience As well as Reafiin for this, but it isneedlefs. This I