Hoadly - BX5136 H6

ofCONFORMITY. This leads us to confider how a good , and underftanding Perfon ought to be- have himfelf, when the Cafe -happens, that forme things ar _ prefcribed in a Church whicb ne himfelf thinks lawful, but others pretend they do not whether he ought himfelf tocomplywith thefe prefcriptions, and endeavour to convince others that they ought to do fo too; or whether it is his Duty to inveighagainf} the Governours ofthis Church, and add life andfirength to the unreafonablefcruples ofothers; to pa- tronize thole who feparate upon ground- lefs prejudices, and with grofs uncharita.. blenefs, or to plead againít their unrea- fonable and diforderly praaices; to main- tain an authority he himfelf acknowledges in the Church on other occahóns, or to countenance the utmoft contempt and difgrace put upon it This we recom- mend to your fober confderation; and defire you to think how inconfiftent it is, to argue againfi conformity from the fcruples of others; and yet to pretend that you would have complied if the Terms of Conformity had been fram'd to your minds. I fuppofe you are not fo weak as to think that, if all your Terms had been accepted, there Would not have been