Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFORMITY. that authority we are intrufled with; We fhalPteflify againfl unwarrantable feparation 5 Wefhallgive what checI we can to thofeprin- ciples which have broughtfuch confufon and diforder into this Church and Nation ; and we ¡hall refill the deigns of evil men, who , as we judge, make ufe of the ignorance of forte hone Chrfians to overturn our whole conflitution, and, under their fhelter, flrike at our very root and foundation. Thus, I think, the cafe might be argued, and I fee not what can be replied by You, who ar- gue upon the principles I have been now examining. But you may now ask, Are you thenfor noalterations ? Yes, I am fully perfuaded there may be alterations made for the perfection and advantage of the Church. I profefs, I [hall always plead forfich as are fo; and that fo much the moré, if they befaich alto as are likely tg . reconcile any Diffenters to it nay, upon this account, I ,[hall plead for filch as are not fo, provided the Church receive no damage from them. But I cannot argue for anyupon fuchprinciples as appeartome to tend to abfurd, and unreafonable alterations, as well as thofe that are reafonable. Having thus [hewn that the Goner, roars of the Church have authority to pre- G 4 fcri c, 87