Hoadly - BX5136 H6

88 The Keafonahlenefs fcribe thofe things which you fo highly diflike, as well as thofe which you could have complied with; having{hewn from your felves that New, Terms ofCommunion may lawfully be made ; having remov'd your Objections taken from the penalty annexed, and from that unbounded num- ber of Impofitions you fearmay bebrought into the Church upon the fame grounds that theft are; I (hall now obferve, 2. That St. i ail iàys nothing againf this in the 14th chapter to the Romans ; in order to remove your obje&ion taken from thence. I find that you urge the z li vertès of this Chapter as an argument to prove that it is unlawful to enjoin Minifters to deny the Communion to thofe who will not receive it Kneeling ; or, which is all one, to prefcribe Kneeling fo, as that there (hall be no Communion without it. But, Br., It is very unfair to apply what St. Paul Pays in one cafe, to cafes not at all parallel to it. St. Paul fpeaks of fuch groundlefs fcruples as were deeply rooted and fixed in the minds of force Perlons by the Religion theyprofefs'd before their converfion to Chriftianity ; We fpeak of filch fcruples as have been infufed into many ei 1 ,.o