Hoadly - BX5136 H6

Of CONFOIR.MITY. ftired? and yet their crime is taking a law- ful thing to be unlawful. If youwould not produce it againft the lawfulnefs of pre- fcribing this, tho' fome fhould be fo weak as to think it unlawful; how canyou pro- duce it againft prefcribingKneeling mere- ly becaufè force think it unlawful ? Once more, fuppofe our Governours had pre- fcribed a Liturgy to your Minds, and a- mongft others a Form ofPrayer to be ufed at the Communion. Some, you know, and no inconfìderable number, have fcrupled' joining with a Form as unlawful. Now fuch as thefe are as effectually excluded from the Communion by this prefcription, as if it were faíd in exprefs terms, that none {hall be admitted, who will riot join in this Form. Yet in the impofing this, you were ready to join. I ask, therefore, If this chapter command you to receive all whole crime is only the fcrupling a thing lawful as unlawful with what con- fcience could you have complied with this prefcription, which, according to you, muff be flatly finful, andcontrary toGod's word: becaufe it doth as effe6tually ex- clude thofe whom you ought to receive, as any other prefcription ? If it do not, why could you not comply with other pre- 95