Hoadly - BX5136 H6

96 The Keafonablenefr prefcriptions as well as this ? Why is it produced againft others, and not againf} this ? Is a Form of Prayer. neceffary to the due celebration of that religious rite ? Your praEice thews you- think it not fo. Is a fated Form of Prayer not only lawful but decent ? fo is Kneeling. But I will urge no more on this Head. I can- not but think I have thewn both from St. Paul's example, and your own con- ceftions, that this chapter fays nothing againf thofe prefcriptions which con- ,. , , tern the publick Worjhip 5 and that by the weak in faith here is not to be under- flood every one who is fo weak as to take a lawful, thing for unlawful, unlefs in ca- fes parallel to Meat and Drink. I (hall now add, Thirdly, That Mr. Baxter's prance, and theprafiiceofthe Independents, isfor, and not againf fuch impofitions as are the foundation of your heavief charge a- gainf the Church. For the Independents, Abridgment take Mr. Baxter's word, who reprefents P* "8' them as f rider about the qualifications of Church-members, than Scripture, Reafon, or the Praciice of the univerfal Church will allow. And if this benot to make newun- neceffar, y Terms ofCommunion, and to refufe thofe