Hoadly - BX5136 H6

or. CONFORMITY. 97 thofe .whom Chri1 has commanded them to receive, what is ? Yet we obferve with what brotherly affeetion you court them ; with what caution you open your mouths again( this in them, and with what heat you can inveigh again( any thing like it in the Church ofEngland; with what zeal you join with them, and with what zeal you feparate from us. But Mr. Baxter hath not only given us this account of the Independents, but bath left upon record fomethingof himfelf fo like what he cen- lures fo feverely in the Church of England, that, with all the nicenefs I am Mafter of, I cannot fee any difference between them, unlefs what ferves to make Mr. Baxter Much more liable to cenfure than the Church. We have it related for his ho- nour, as it feems, in his life. A Gentle- Abridgment man again( whom he had no obje&ion p° 36 on any other account (as far as it appears) defired to communicate withHiríi; only He clefred to receive Kneeling, and at a dflint time from thofe others, whomHe thought foguilty on föme account or o- ther, that he fcrupled to join with them. Suppofing this to be a weaknefs one would hardly think it confi(ent with Mr. Baxter's wayofarguing, that be íhouldbe H denied