Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Reafonablenefs denied the Communion for it. But let us feehowMr. Baxter dealt withhim. Firfl, He would not give it him at all, unlefs he wouldfubmit to difeipline, and take him for his Paflour : fo that his Baptifm and profeflion of Chrifiianity, it feems, were not fufficient to entitle him to the Privi- leges of a Chri/iian, unlefs he would fubmit to what Mr. Baxter call'd Dffcipline, and take him fur his Paflour. Perhaps the Gentleman was perfuaded in his confcience that the ejected Bifhop was his Paflour; tho' Mr. Baxter had authority to admi- nifier the Sacrament to him. However, what reafon was here from his fern- piing this, whyhe fhould not be acknow- leg'd a Chriflianr What was there in this errour fo contrary to any great de- ignof the Gokl, or the nature of the Sa- crament, that he might not be admitted to it ? Secondly, As to the Poflure , He would not give it him kneeling, unlefs He wouldfirfl hear his reafons againfl it, and thenprofefs, after he had heard them, that he thought it a fan againfl God to receive it in any other poflure : both which an ho- neft man might fcruple, and yet be fit to be admitted to the Communion. From hence it appears of what moment Mr. Baxter